• Eva Martinez holding her niece, Angie, in the Lewis Court, Orange, California, 1941.
  • Helen Poblano in front of Blake and Nation Auto Body Shop in Orange, California in 1939.
  • Gloria DeLeon on North Cypress Street, Orange, California, 1949. A young boy with a bicycle looks on.
  • Felicitos Guzman, Pifania DeLeon and Bartola Guzman in front of the Orange Union High School's main building in 1935.
  • A studio portrait of the Martinez Family.
  • Members of the Figueroa family posing for photo in front of a tree in 1948.
  • Figueroa boys by the Railroad tracks in 1950.
  • Chavez brothers, standing on the railroad tracks in 1944.
  • The Garcia family posing in front of the family home in 1934.
  • Children of the Martinez, Aguirre and Beltran families in the front yard of a house in 1939.
  • Family photographic portrait in front of a tree in 1920.
  • Porfirio Aguirre, sitting in an orange grove and holding Nancy Aguirre in 1937.
  • The Garcia children, in front of the Garcia residence in 1947.
  • Martin Martinez, Fermin Aguirre, Gilbert
  • Bartola Guzman in front of the Colin, Martinez, Dorotel, and Ambrocio family residences in 1938.
  • Elias Guzman, in front of the railroad tracks in 1939.
  • Concha Demara and Pearl Demara in front of a house in 1943.
  • A decorated tin wall hanging with a portrait photograph of Fred Barrera at the age of one or two years.
  • A portrait of the three oldest siblings of the Colin family at their home in 1934.
  • Pearl Demara, on fender of an automobile in front of a house in 1942.
  • Josie Chavez, posing on a railroad boxcar ladder in 1942.
  • Luis Garcia, one year old, in a stroller in 1942.
  • Children playing on the sidewalk in 1964.
  • Nina Aguirre, about 18 or 19 years old wearing a beautiful Mexican costume, and has her foot on a sombrero in 1925.
  • Looking north at the railroad tracks behind North Cypress Street in Orange, California in 1970.
  • Looking down North Cypress Street, Orange, California in 1970. Simon Luna's Market is on the left.
  • View of the 400 block of North Cypress Street in Orange, California, showing homes and the Cruz grocery store in 1956. There are sidewalks and curbing but the street is unpaved.

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