Student Filming

Note: Applications submitted later than 10 business days in advance of the proposed film activity will not be accepted.

Film Permit Requirements

Film students are required to obtain a film permit for any production activity. Production activity includes personnel, equipment and vehicles. Typically, the permit application fees are waived for students and non-profit productions. However, if Orange Police, Fire or other staff is required to assist on location, the filmmaker is responsible for covering those costs. Student filmmakers are also responsible for providing the appropriate liability insurance.

Permit Processing Time Requirements

Student film permit applications must be submitted no later than 10 working days in advance of the proposed film activity. Recognizing that production schedules are subject to change, the City permit coordinator will take into account special circumstances and may accept permit applications that missed the 10 working days submittal deadline. When submitting permit applications, please take into account that the City offices are closed on alternating Fridays. Permit applications submitted one week or later in advance of proposed film activity will not be accepted.

Please note, it is a violation of the Orange Municipal Code (OMC) to film without a permit. Productions found in violation of the OMC will be shut down and may be issued a citation.