Criteria Used for Evaluating a Project

In general, all projects shall have an internally consistent, integrated design theme that reflects the following elements:


  • The architectural features shall reflect a similar design style or period.
  • Creative building elements and identifying features shall be used to create a high quality project with visual interest and architectural style.


  • The type, size and location of landscape material shall support the project's overall design concept.
  • Landscaping shall not obstruct visibility of required addressing, nor shall it obstruct the vision of motorists or pedestrians in proximity to the site.
  • Landscape areas shall be provided in and around parking lots to break up the appearance of large expanses of paving.


  • All signage shall be compatible with the building(s) design, scale, color, and materials.

Secondary Functional and Accessory Features

  • Trash receptacles, storage and loading areas, transformers and mechanical equipment shall be screened in a manner that is architecturally compatible with the principal building(s).