Edward Trinidad Grijalva

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"Grijalva's personal search for his roots has unearthed information that challenges conventional versions of Orange County history." 26 "[He] traces his roots back to his cousin, Juan Pablo Grijalva, a military leader during the De Anza trek and colonization. Juan Pablo applied for the first Spanish land grant in what is now Orange County where Eddie was born and raised." 27
In 1992 he located the remains of Juan Pablos casa in the city of Orange, where Eddie now lives. In addition, Eddie is a Gabrielino Indian which maintains a direct link between the Spanish and Gabrielino of 200 years ago. 3

"Presentations by Eddie Grijalva are a testament to California's heritage and inspire individuals to pursue their own history." 2 "Eddie is a bona fide historian/researcher whose credentials include access to the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley." 28 "Spending time with Eddie Grijalva is like touching history." 3

*Again, grants were given only in the Mexican period; this was a concession.