Orange's population: 107,712. Santa Fe Depot and Park dedication on November 15. The first park, established by the Santa Fe Railroad in 1891 as a resting area for its passengers, was closed in 1971.


Train service resumes in December with the Metrolink, stopping at the Orange Santa Fe Depot.


Orange County Fruit Exchange ceases business after 101 years. (Established November 13, 1893.) Chapman University is used as a location for scenes in film Crimson Tide.


Tom Hanks transforms the Plaza area for his film That Thing You Do (set in 1960s Pennsylvania). Chapman University dedicates its School of Law. Gogh Van Orange Art and Music Festival creates an atmosphere of the 1940s in the Plaza Square and spoke streets. Mark and Brian's Day-Before-Thanksgiving Parade at the Plaza draws a crowd of over 15,000 people.
Historical Building with palm trees


Snapple commercial is filmed in the 100 block of South Glassell Street. Santa Fe Depot Park restored and dedicated.
Historical Photo - People in the street


The 1-square-mile Old Towne area is placed on the National Register of Historic Places in July, making it the state's largest historic district. Former Orange County Fruit Exchange building on South Glassell is restored and reopened as an art gallery.
Historical Photo - House Entrance


Oscar Mayer Weinermobile appears in the Plaza for filming of commercial.
Historical Photo - Wienermobile


Watson's Drug Store celebrates its 100th Anniversary. Filming of Rocky and Bullwinkle on Chapman University campus.