Orange's population: 4,884. Band concerts are popular in the Plaza throughout the twenties.


Orange erects City Hall three blocks from the Plaza on East Chapman.
Historical Photo - musical band gathered
Historical Photo - building with palm trees


Orange County Fruit Exchange, a district of the Sunkist Growers, builds brokerage house in Spanish Colonial Revival style near the Plaza at 195 N Glassell. Orange participates enthusiastically in the Great American Day Pageant on Armistice Day in Fullerton, with the Orange Women's Auxiliary float winning first place.


Traffic flow around the Plaza becomes "one-way only."


Orange Theatre construction is planned for corner of Maple and North Glassell (a shortfall of funds would keep this project unfinished until 1928).


Orange County Fair Grounds moves for five years to a 13-acre site where Orange Drive-In Theater will later be constructed. Over the years many prize-winning exhibits and floats come from Orange.
Historical Photo 094


Queen Valencia Harvest Festival in Plaza, celebrating the harvest of the Valencia orange crop in May.
Historical Photo - Women in dresses


The Armistice Day Parade, a countywide event, is held in Orange November 11th. Second Queen Valencia Harvest Festival held in Plaza.


Orange Theater construction is resumed and finally completed. McPherson Heights Citrus and Red Fox Orchards merge to form Consolidated Orange Growers.
Historical Photo - flags and banners
Historical Photo - Movie theater entrance