Traffic Signals and Streetlights

The Traffic Engineering Division maintains the traffic signals and streetlights in the City of Orange.

Streetlight Malfunction

The Traffic Engineering Division conducts a street light check every other week to locate and repair any malfunctioning street lights. If you notice a street light that is not working properly, please fill out the Street Light Repair Request Form to report problems. After you have completed the form, you can print and submit your form electronically.

Traffic Management Center (TMC)

Orange’s Traffic Management Center is the hub behind the City’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This high-tech system of cameras and software allows the staff to monitor traffic and reduce traffic congestion. The City’s ITS system includes a network of fiber optics and wireless links that connect traffic signals, and cameras back to the Traffic Management Center. The system allows operators to monitor traffic signals, giving them a real-time view of traffic conditions, and make adjustments as needed. As the city continues to grow the future plans are to extend its fiber optic network to more traffic signals and cameras. 

LED Streetlight Retrofit Project

The City of Orange awarded the contractor International Line Builders, Inc. They will be replacing about 4,400 streetlight cobraheads with LEDs. The project will provide energy savings, better street lighting, and support visibility and safety. The project is estimated to be completed in early January 2019. The LED lamp, in general, is brighter than the high-pressure sodium lamp and glare shields will be installed where needed to prevent light spillage into homes.