Public Education

The City of Orange's Public Education program has been designed to supplement the countywide effort to reach as many local residents and businesses as possible. The City of Orange is committed to minimizing the pollutants that enter its storm drain system. Every resident should know that water that enters the storm drains is not treated and is discharged directly into nearby channels, creeks and ultimately the ocean.

Residential activities such as lawn/landscape irrigation and maintenance, pest control, fertilizer application, exterior cleaning, and other activities have the potential to contribute pollutants to our creeks and channels. As part of the City of Orange's outreach program, the City uses a variety of tools such as brochures, posters, videos, cleanup days, community events, speaking events, bus shelter advertising, public service announcements, and content contribution to countywide websites. Recent enhancements to our outreach efforts include a focus on over-irrigation, in general terms, but also in response to recent drought regulations and pending State permit requirements.

Prevent Pollution Graphic
The countywide effort found at H2OC Stormwater Program includes several resources and information on over watering, Orange County Garden Friendly, and Orange County Watersheds. All of these are implemented with the goal of assisting City residents and businesses in their understanding of how they can use easy Best Management Practices to reduce pollutants that enter the storm drain system.

School Children

Through the use of:
School age children in Orange are learning about the importance of protecting the environment and water quality.


The educational brochures listed below have been developed for countywide use to help protect water quality. The brochures are free and are available from most City facilities including, City Hall and libraries. The brochures cover a variety of topics and contain information that can be used by residents and businesses to minimize pollutants that enter the storm drains.