Subdivision Map Services

Development Subdivision

Provides for engineering services:
  • For public and private improvements
  • Issues permits for grading and encroachments
  • Checks plans and establishes requirements for public improvements including:
    • Streets
    • Alleys
    • Sidewalks
    • Curbs and gutters
    • Sewers and storm drains


The Subdivision Section performs the function of project review, approval process, and construction oversight for private developments. The following is a list of major functions:

Tentative Tract Map

A Tentative Tract Map is the method used to subdivide property into 5 or more parcels, 5 or more condominiums, or a community apartment project containing five or more parcels. (O.M.C.16.08.020) Tentative Tract Maps should be submitted to the Planning Division. For information, call the Planning Front Counter (714) 744-7220.

Parcel Map

Whenever a tentative or final tract map is not required by the Subdivision Map Act, a tentative parcel map shall be filed. (O.M.C.16.08.060) Tentative Parcel Maps should be submitted to the Public Works Department. A site plan should also be submitted to Planning Division. The 2 applications will be reviewed and approved together. For information, call the Public Works Front Counter (714) 744-5525.

Lot Line Adjustment

A Lot Line Adjustment is a minor adjustment between four or fewer existing adjoining parcels, where the land taken from one parcel is added to an adjoining parcel. The total number of parcels after adjustment must not be greater than the original number of parcels. (O.M.C.16.32) For information, call the Public Works Front Counter (714) 744-5525.


Grading requirements are described in the City of Orange Grading Manual (O.M.C.16.40) and in the 2016 California Building Code.

Prior to issuance of a Grading Permit, grading plans, and supporting documents must be prepared and submitted for review to Development Services. Please review the Grading Permit – Submittal Packages Checklist which is located in the Grading Documents section in order to prepare a grading plan submittal.

For additional information, call the Public Works Front Counter (714) 744-5525.

Mess Grading Operation at Del Rio

Street Improvement

A Street Improvement Plan is required for any private development which has public or private street or utility infrastructure improvements. For information, call the Public Works Front Counter at (714) 744-5525.

Digital Submittal Requirements

Digital Submission Requirements (PDF) is required for all final maps and improvement plan submittals. (O.M.C. 16.08.040, 16.08.070)

Construction Notes

The following list of standard notes are a collection of those commonly used in previous plans. Designers should review each item carefully, include only notes applicable to the specific project, and add other notes specific for the project.