Development Services

  1. Addressing
  2. Flood Insurance Info
  3. GIS & Mapping
  4. Master Fee Schedule
  5. Sewer Information
  6. Subdivision

Assigns new addresses for new developments, new buildings. Processes requests for change of address numbers.

House numbering and street naming are governed by Orange Municipal Code Chapter 12.40. As a general rule, all streets in the east-west direction are called Avenues and all streets in the north-south direction are called Streets.

The starting point for the house numbers is at The Plaza. Starting with the 100 block, all streets include a directional prefix of "north," "south," "east," and "west" with respect to The Plaza.

To request a street name change, please contact the Public Works Traffic Engineer at (714) 744-5536. For information regarding address verification and request for address change, call the Public Works Front Counter at (714) 744-5525.