Community Development Block Grant Committee


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • Wednesdays (as necessary). During the Community Development Block Grant Program funding cycle, meetings are held on a weekly basis for approximately one month.


  • David Gillanders (alternate)
  • Mary-Ellen Manning.
  • Jan Mickelson-Weilmuenster.
  • Megan Penn.
  • Eva Perez.
  • Fernando Rico.
  • Senior Housing Manager (Staff Representative) 

Desired Qualifications

The Committee shall consist of members whose primary residence is in the City. Members should show an interest in and knowledge of housing and community development issues, especially as they relate to affordable housing and public service for residents of low and moderate income. (Qualifications revised 8/22/06 per Resolution 10112).

Terms of Office

Members of the CDBG Committee serve for a two year term.

General Duties

To oversee the federally funded Community Development Block Grant Program and affordable housing programs.