Description of Charges

Establishment Fee

Charge to initiate service.

Service Capacity Charge

Fixed expense based upon the size of the water service connection.  This covers a portion of the cost for maintenance of meters, pipelines, wells, and reservoirs that supply water to the City.

Water Consumption Charge

Fee based upon metered water usage, measured and billed in units, (1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons). Billing is calculated on a tiered rate structure. There may be a pass through cost per unit added to the rate.

Elevation Charge

Fee covers the electricity costs to pump water to higher elevation zones. Questions: (714) 288-2475.

Fire Service Charge

Fixed expense for non-residential properties with private fire service connections. Questions: (714) 288-2475.

Sanitation Services Charge

Fees for sewer maintenance, street sweeping, storm water and environmental compliance are based on water consumption and help protect water quality. The Citywide street tree trimming charge is a fixed fee per dwelling and business unit. Questions: (714) 532-6480.

Penalty Fee

10% charge is assessed to any unpaid balance 25 days after services are rendered.

Service Charge

Added to accounts that remain unpaid and are scheduled for disconnection.

Paramedic Subscription Charge (Voluntary) 

If enrolled in the program, patients are not charged for unpaid paramedic balances. For program information: (714) 288-2534; For enrollment status: (714) 744-2233.