Pending Land Use Applications

Many projects go through a “discretionary review process” for land use approvals before actual construction starts or the business doors open. The process entails a close review by the Current Planning staff as well as staff from other departments to ensure the project meets or exceeds the City’s requirements and codes. Many of the projects require further review and approval by the City’s Design Review Committee, Planning Commission, or even the City Council while staff may approve small-scale projects depending on the requirements of the Zoning Code. You may receive a “public hearing notice” for a project close to where you live or property that you own that will be considered by one of the City’s approval bodies such as the Planning Commission or City Council. Please take this opportunity to attend the public meeting and express your thoughts about the project directly to the approval body.

Pending Land Use Application List

The Pending Land Use Application list provides some general information on the projects currently under review including the address and a short project description.  View Pending Land Use Application List. Please feel free to contact the staff planner if you have any questions.