Current Planning

We oversee short range developmental planning functions, such as coordinating project review with other departments and public agencies. The Current Planning staff administers the provisions of the City's General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Old Towne Design Standards, Southwest Redevelopment Design Guidelines, and various planned community texts.

We also act as staff to the Planning Commission, Design Review Committee, Zoning Administrator, and Staff Review Committee.


  • Providing assistance to the public
  • Evaluating Planning applications for land development or changes in land use
  • Coordinating internal review of Planning applications with other City departments
  • Implementing the Old Towne Design Standards and providing public information about appropriate approaches to making alterations and additions to historic properties
  • Implementing the development standards that comprise the City's zoning ordinance
  • Conducting site inspections in conjunction with finalizing building permits for development projects involving Planning applications.