The Planning Division is here to help you with information about land use, development standards, historic preservation, the environmental review process, and community demographics.  Our job at the City is to guide the physical development of the community in a way that promotes attractive development that is compatible with surrounding uses.  Also important is the role we play in managing development in the City’s historic districts.    

Our planning and historic preservation staff are available to help you determine whether or not a property is suitable for a particular type of use, and if any special approvals are required to allow that use.  We are also here to explain development standards including building setbacks and height, parking requirements, and design standards for new development and building alterations.  Planning and historic preservation staff are happy to assist you, and provide guidance to help you achieve your development objectives.  

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  1. Advance Planning
  2. Current Planning

Advanced Planning provides long range land planning and zoning administrator services.

  • Managing information about the City's population and housing growth
  • Providing inter-agency coordination of major development projects relative to transportation and air quality
  • Representing the City in regional planning activities undertaken by the Orange County Council of Governments and Southern California Association of Governments
  • Implementing and maintaining the General Plan
  • Drafting new or revised standards to address changes in State planning laws, new types of land uses that are not already addressed by the Municipal Code, or problematic land uses and development conditions in the community
  • Annexation coordination related to both the unincorporated islands as well as the City's 18,000 acre unincorporated sphere of influence

We also prepare environmental analysis and documents for the City's Capital Improvement Projects.

  1. General Plan
  2. Land Use Application
  3. Zoning
  4. Environmental Planning
  5. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
  6. Local Environmental Review Procedures
  7. Planning Resources

The award-winning City of Orange 2010 General Plan establishes a long-term vision for growth and change in the community through the year 2030. View the Orange General Plan Vision Statement (PDF)

The Orange City Council adopted the 2010 General Plan on March 9, 2010 and the Housing Element of the General Plan on April 13, 2010.

The General Plan is a forward-looking “blueprint” for our City, and is meant to
protect the quality of life for our citizens.  The Plan provides goals, policies, and implementation measures that are meant to help influence physical growth and change in a manner consistent with this vision. Private individuals and businesses seeking to invest in development or redevelopment within the City also use the General Plan.

The 2010 General Plan better defines Orange's image and position within the region, allows our commercial districts to better compete in the local and regional marketplace, maintains existing neighborhood values, and addresses local and regional environmental issues.

Issues Addressed by the General Plan

The General Plan addresses a full spectrum of quality of life issues and City services in Orange, which include:

  • Circulation and Mobility
  • Cultural Resources and Historic Preservation
  • Economic Development
  • Growth Management
  • Housing
  • Infrastructure
  • Land Use
  • Natural Resources
  • Noise
  • Public Safety
  • Urban Design

City of Orange - 2010 General Plan (GP)

GP Environmental Impact Report

  1. General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR) (PDF)
  2. Appendix A - Cover, Title, T of C (PDF)
  3. Appendix B - Air Quality Data (PDF)
  4. Appendix C - Noise Data (PDF)
  5. Appendix D - Cultural Resources (PDF)
  6. Appendix E - Revised Traffic Study (PDF)
  7. Appendix F - Global Climate Calculations (PDF)
  8. Appendix G - Draft Orange Municipal Code Amendment (PDF)
  9. Appendix H - Supplemental Notice of Preparation (PDF)
  10. Appendix I - Intersection Geometric Diagrams (PDF)
  11. Appendix J - Master Plan Arterial Highways (MPAH) Amendment Process (PDF)

Pursuing the Vision of Growth

The General Plan establishes a road map for pursuit of the vision through a series of goals and policies that are used by City departments and decision makers in the review of development projects, identification of capital improvement projects, allocation of City resources, and more. 

The Orange General Plan received an award from the Orange County Section American Planning Association for "Outstanding Comprehensive Planning - Large Jurisdiction" in May 2011.