Parks and Permits

Permits and Facility Reservation

Per the California Department of Public Health we are excited to announce we are now issuing permits by appointment only for *Park Picnic Pavilions, Jumpers, and Green Space areas for a maximum of 100 guests. 

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*Park Picnic Pavilion and Green Space Permits are issued on a first come, first-reserved basis and will be issued in compliance with current State and County health and safety guidelines per the California Department of Public Health. Therefore, the following modifications will apply to all *Picnic Pavilion and Green Space Permits until further notice:

  • Unless eating and drinking, the wearing of face masks is strongly encouraged
  • Maintaining at a minimum 6-foot social distance in other areas of the park
  • Frequent washing and/or sanitizing of hands
  • Sanitizing of high touch points 

*Park Picnic Pavilion, Jumpers, and Green Space Permits may be issued up to 3 months in advance from the current calendar date.

*Park Picnic Pavilion, Jumpers, and Green Space Permits are not issued on holidays.

*Groups of 24 or less do not need a park permit, unless they wish to reserve a specific park pavilion or plan to have a jumper and/or caterer/taco cart. 

* Park Picnic Pavilion, Jumpers, and Green Space Permits will be issued to the person requesting the appointment only. Permit holder must be an adult.  Proof of Orange residency (if applicable), permit fees, and deposits are due at the time the permit is issued. Non-residents are welcome to reserve park space, however non-resident permit rates will apply.

Save time during the permit process! Print the Permit Application and Deposit Form at home, fill out what you can, and bring the paperwork along with the proof of residency (if applicable) and permit payment to your appointment. 

*Due to current State and County health and safety guidelines, we cannot safely issue permits to all of our park facilities and amenities at this time. Please continue to check the City’s website and social media posts for updates to facilities and services. As the guidelines change, the City will evaluate options to comply with those new guidelines.

Hart Park Bandshell Permits
Groups intending to use the Hart Park Bandshell must also complete a Hart Park Bandshell Permit Application. Please note: the Hart Park Bandshell is reservable between the hours of 12 noon - 5 pm Monday - Sunday (excluding holidays).   

Special Events in the Park Permits - Not permitted at this time
Events that will have 200 or more guests or are not a standard park reservation require a Special Event Permit. Special Event Permit Applications require a minimum of 30 days notice prior to the planned event.

Permit Cancellations
All permit cancellations must be submitted in writing by the permit holder prior to the event date. Please refer to your permit for applicable cancellation fees. Approved permit refunds may take up to 6 weeks to receive.  

Inclement Weather Policy
The City of Orange does not refund permit fees for inclement weather cancellations. Instead permit holders may reschedule their reservation. Permit  rescheduling due to inclement weather must be at the request of the permit holder to the Community Services Department within 24-hours of the cancellation. Rescheduled dates are dependent upon availability and may only be reserved up to three months in advance.

Parks, Facilities, Maps, and Amenities

To view a complete list of parks and amenities click here. Please call the Community Services Department at (714) 744-7274 to check on availability.  If you are connected to voicemail, please leave a detailed message that includes the park name, building or picnic pavilion (shelter), the date you are considering, whether you are a resident of the City of Orange, and any other park rental questions you may have. This will ensure staff will have the pertinent information when they call you back.

Parks Amenities Chart

Sports Center at Grijalva Park

Location and Details

The Sports Center at Grijalva Park is a state-of-the-art, energy efficient, 26,200 square-foot facility that features a dance room with a wood floor, ballet barres and mirror walls, a large multipurpose room and a spacious gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, and plenty of fan seating.

Sports Center Logo

Trails and Bikeways 

The City of Orange has many recreational and equestrian trails to enjoy as well as on street and off street bikeways for commuting and traveling across town or just getting in some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. There are also equestrian and multi-purpose trails in areas of the City that are maintained by Homeowner Associations and volunteers. These trails, though maintained by others, comply with City standards and are open to the public. 
      • City of Orange Trails Map
Santiago Creek Bike Trail

The Santiago Creek Bike Trail (SCBT) consists of a paved trail alongside the Santiago Creek that spans 6 miles from Hart Park to Cannon Street, with one branch that continues north in a City owned right-of-way from Walnut Avenue to Collins Avenue where it connects to the City of Villa Park. Bicyclists, joggers, and nature lovers will enjoy views of the creek's native vegetation and natural habitat. The Santiago Creek Bike Trail also provides links to 3 City of Orange Parks; Grijalva, Yorba, and Hart Parks, which provide ample parking and easy access to the trail. 
     • Santiago Creek Trail Access Map 
     • Santiago Creek Trail Rules 
Other Orange County Trail Resources 
     • Orange County Bikeways Map 
     • Orange County Parks and Trails 
Additional Trail Resources and Information 
     • Trails4All 
     • City of Orange Bikeways Master Plan (PDF)  note: v.2001 is the most current.
     • City of Orange Recreational Trails Master Plan

Park Maintenance

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Ambriz Sports Fields El Camino Park Handy Park Ambriz Park El Modena Basin
Barrera Park Hart Park Grijalva Park El Camino Sports Fields El Modena Park
Belmont Park    Grijalva Sports Park Eisenhower Park McPherson Park
El Camino Sports Park    Killefer Park Olive Park La Vera Park
Santiago Hills Park    Yorba Park Shaffer Park Veterans Memorial at Depot Park

Please note the above schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment issues, and or holidays.

Integrated Pest Management Policy and Implementation Guidelines for the City of Orange

The City has an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) which focuses on the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems through a combination of techniques including pest identification, monitoring, prevention, and treatment tactics to help maintain landscape and tree health and keeping fields and parks safe and usable for the public.  Pests include weeds, invasive species, rodents, and insects. Our IPM is well supervised, regulated and permitted by the Orange County Agricultural Commissioner.  Please click here to view the City's IPM Policy and Implementation Guidelines. As part of our IPM, the City may use a variety of pesticides to treat for pests which may include herbicides, rodenticides, insecticides, and fungicides.  All products used are approved by the Orange County Agricultural Commissioner and are applied according to the manufacture’s specifications. The type of product and amount used varies, depending on the pest problem and location. Please click here for a potential list of products. 

The majority of the spraying in large turf areas is done in the spring time to eliminate broadleaf weeds that displace grass and create clumping and tripping hazards.  This work is usually completed by the start of summer (depending weather and other factors).  Spot spraying for weeds is done minimally in turf and planters to eliminate weeds and in paved areas to reduce cracks, lifting and other hazards.  Playgrounds are not sprayed and mulch is placed around trees and planters to suppress weeds and reduce the use of pesticides.  When spraying does occur in parks, signage will be posted prior to any application, be clearly visible and legible, and will remain until the product has fully dried and the area is safe to re-enter per the manufacturer’s directions.  

In the interest of giving residents a choice of visiting a park maintained without the use of pesticides, three parks throughout the City, Killefer, La Veta, and Santiago Hills Parks, have been designated to be maintained without the use of pesticides. Signage designating this will be posted at each park. If a pest(s) develop that causes a safety or function concern that cannot be addressed without the use of a pesticide, if funds are available, organic products will be used first to try and eliminate the pest. If a situation occurs where organic products are not effective, the City’s current IPM will be implemented. If pesticides have to be applied, proper signage will be posted and readily visible for 24 hours after application.

For more information, please email or call 714-744-7264.