Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management Policy and Implementation Guidelines for the City of Orange

The City has an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) which focuses on the long-term prevention and/or suppression of pest problems through a combination of techniques including pest identification, monitoring, prevention, and treatment tactics to help maintain landscape and tree health and keeping fields and parks safe and usable for the public.  Pests include weeds, invasive species, rodents, and insects. Our IPM is well supervised, regulated and permitted by the Orange County Agricultural Commissioner.  Please click here to view the City's IPM Policy and Implementation Guidelines. As part of our IPM, the City may use a variety of pesticides to treat for pests which may include herbicides, rodenticides, insecticides, and fungicides.  All products used are approved by the Orange County Agricultural Commissioner and are applied according to the manufacture’s specifications. The type of product and amount used varies, depending on the pest problem and location. Please click here for a potential list of products. 

The majority of the spraying in large turf areas is done in the spring time to eliminate broadleaf weeds that displace grass and create clumping and tripping hazards.  This work is usually completed by the start of summer (depending weather and other factors).  Spot spraying for weeds is done minimally in turf and planters to eliminate weeds and in paved areas to reduce cracks, lifting and other hazards.  Playgrounds are not sprayed and mulch is placed around trees and planters to suppress weeds and reduce the use of pesticides.  When spraying does occur in parks, signage will be posted prior to any application, be clearly visible and legible, and will remain until the product has fully dried and the area is safe to re-enter per the manufacturer’s directions.  

In the interest of giving residents a choice of visiting a park maintained without the use of pesticides, three parks throughout the City, Killefer, La Veta, and Santiago Hills Parks, have been designated to be maintained without the use of pesticides. Signage designating this will be posted at each park. If a pest(s) develop that causes a safety or function concern that cannot be addressed without the use of a pesticide, if funds are available, organic products will be used first to try and eliminate the pest.  If a situation occurs where organic products are not effective, the City’s current IPM will be implemented. If pesticides have to be applied, proper signage will be posted and readily visible for 24 hours after application.

For more information, please email or call 714-744-7264.