Graham Cracker Gingerbread House


Making your own gingerbread house can be so much fun, and you can get really creative, to boot! There are kits that you can buy, but those can be a little pricey. Besides, shopping for the gingerbread house decorations is part of the fun! These cute houses with graham crackers are perfect for siblings of all ages. You can even create a gingerbread village  together. For older kids looking for a challenge, put engineering and architecture skills to the test by using more graham crackers with different shapes and sizes.

What You Need:

  • Graham Crackers – 5 crackers per house
  • Bread Knife or Serrated Knife
  • Royal Icing
  • Plastic Bag
  • Assorted Candies, Fruits, and Pretzels for decorating


1. Take 4 full-size graham crackers and carefully saw off ¼ of each with the bread knife (A). Then take 2 of these and cut off the corners using the center line as your guide (B). You should have 2 shape A to form the roof and 2 shape B, which will be the ends of the house.


2. Carefully saw off or break the remaining full-size graham cracker in half (C). These will be the sides of the house.


3. To “glue” the house together, you will need royal icing. There are many recipes online - some recipes use egg white and cream of tartar; others use meringue powder. Some use no egg product at all. Pick one that suits you.

Place the icing in a plastic bag down the point of one corner. Seal up the bag and snip a tiny bit off the corner. You are now ready to put together the house.




4. Pipe icing along the inside edges of the first shape B. Carefully attach both shape C’s to shape B.


5. Pipe the inside edges of the second shape B and attach to side walls. Make sure everything is lined up and press gently to secure the walls. Let set for at least 10 minutes before moving on to the next step. 

6. Pipe icing down the peaks of the ends of the house. Gently but firmly press both shape A’s to create the roof. Pipe along the length of the roof’s peak. Then let set for at least 30 minutes before decorating.




7. Now you can decorate your gingerbread house however you wish! Use the remaining icing to glue your decorating pieces in place and make sure you let the icing set before you move on to the next candy piece.


This is a really fun project for the whole family! And it’s so interesting to see where each person’s amazing creativity takes them. If your family does make gingerbread houses using graham crackers, do share the photos with us by sending them to: