2019 Community Meeting and Updates

November 21, 2019 - Community Landscape Meeting Follow Up

On Tuesday, September 9, the City of Orange’s Community Services Department held a community meeting at Chapman Hills Elementary School to discuss proposed landscape renovation options in the Santiago Hills Assessment District. Residents were notified of the meeting through mailings, online postings on the Nextdoor social media site, the City’s website, emailed meeting notice flyers, and signs posted within the District. Approximately 45 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, three options were presented for consideration:

  • Option 1) Renovate Handy Creek Paseo
  • Option 2) Focus on maintenance and smaller renovation projects throughout the District
  • Option 3) Remove turf in the medians for water savings

Click here to view the full presentation.

Feedback was collected by comment cards at the meeting and from emails and phone calls received after the meeting through Monday, September 30th. Staff received approximately 30 comments related to landscape options. Option 2 was the most supported with Option 3 being a close second. Moving forward with Option 1 did not receive significant support. Given the feedback received, staff is preparing a capital improvement plan to move forward with a combination of Option 2 and 3, which would include:

  • Finish the 2nd half of Skylark, including the renovation of the 4 corners on Skylark and Canyon View Ave.
  • Renovate the small median on Canyon View between Skylark and Old Camp Rd.
  • Renovate the small median on Skylark at Canyon View
  • Renovate the small median on White Oak Ridge at Canyon View
  • Renovate the corners at White Oak Ridge and Newport Ave

As renovations are planned, staff will take into consideration lessons learned from the Trails End and Skylark projects, specifically planting turf in areas where it will be successful (or unsuccessful). The community also expressed interest in maintaining trees and replacing them throughout the District when possible. This will continue to be our goal.

Next steps for the renovations include presenting and receiving project approval by the City Council through the annual budget process and then creating design plans. The design phase would start in the summer of 2020 and bids will be accepted in the fall of 2020. The renovations would be completed over the course of 2 years with construction anticipated to start at the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

Staff also received feedback regarding the City’s current Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. The feedback was mixed with support for keeping the current IPM Program as well as switching to an organic only program. The City’s current contract with the District’s landscape contractor, Nieves, ends summer 2020. As a result of the feedback received, the City will ask contractors to provide two IPM options during the bid process; the first would be to keep the current service standard and the second would be to switch to an all organic program. The options and cost will be shared with residents before an option is selected.

We thank you for your participation thus far and encourage residents to continue to share feedback!

You can provide feedback by emailing SantiagoHills@cityoforange.org or by calling 714-744-7274. If you would like to be added to or removed from the email notification list, please email SantiagoHills@cityoforange.org.

Community Meeting on Landscape Renovation 2019

The City of Orange held a meeting on September 9, 2019 regarding renovations in Santiago Hills. Below are links to the presentation materials and handouts. 

Trails End - January 2019 Update

Please click here

Maintenance Service Level Restorations


As a result of the increased maintenance funding levels, in October 2015 the annual contract with Nieves Landscape, the company which provides landscape maintenance in Santiago Hills was increased to provide appropriate landscape maintenance service levels.  Since then, Nieves Landscape has removed many dead shrubs throughout the District and is continuing with removals on an as-needed basis.  Other landscape maintenance service levels are being evaluated to determine what increased frequencies, fertilization, etc., would be appropriate. Due to drought conditions and mandated water restrictions, much of the turf in the medians in Santiago Hills has suffered and died back and some of the trees have shown signs of stress. City staff is working with Nieves to direct irrigation to the trees while eliminating irrigation to the turfed areas, in an effort to preserve the substantial investment that the tree canopy in the District represents. City staff will continue to look at ways to manage the existing landscape until such time that the landscaped areas can be renovated.  Click here  for the current landscape maintenance contract. 

In December 2015, the City approved a contract with West Coast Arborists (WCA) to provide regularly scheduled tree trimming services for the District.  The contract also provided an increase to the frequency from every three years to every two years for individual trees to be trimmed. This should ensure that the tree inventory stays healthy and aesthetically pleasing, as well as reducing the concern over fallen trees during wind events. WCA has already removed approximately 40 dead trees throughout the District and is continuing removals as needed. Click here for the current tree maintenance contract.

District Landscape Watering Update

On August 9, 2016, the Orange City Council adopted Resolution No. 10961 rescinding some aspects of the water restrictions for Orange water users. This was a result of latitude given to water agencies to maintain a water conservation effort consistent with local water supply. The significant change made to the Orange water restriction was the removal of the specific days of the week for irrigation. In line with this new water restriction, the frequency of irrigation has been increased in the parkway and paseo areas of Santiago Hills , as well as at Santiago Hills Park. It is important to note that the State prohibition of irrigating turf on public street medians remains in effect, so continuation of no watering of the medians remains unchanged.

For more information regarding the current water restrictions, please click here.

If you would like additional information regarding the Santiago Hills Landscape Maintenance Assessment District, please contact Nathan at nbluhm@cityoforange.org.