Hazardous Materials Management

Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

The County of Orange Health Care Agency Environmental Health Division was designated by the State Secretary for Environmental Protection on January 1, 1996, as the CUPA for the County of Orange. The CUPA is the local administrative agency that coordinates 6 programs regulating hazardous materials and hazardous wastes in Orange County.
  • Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST)
  • Business Plan
  • California Accidental Release Program (CalARP)
  • Hazardous Materials Disclosure (HMD)
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST)
Orange City Fire Department has joined the CUPA, as a "participating agency," to form a partnership with the County's Unified Program.

Administering Services

In the city of Orange, the Hazardous Waste, Aboveground Storage Tank and CalARP programs are administered by the County of Orange Health Care Agency, while the City of Orange administers the other three elements in the bullet-point list above.

Contact the Orange City Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau, Hazardous Materials Section for specific information regarding the requirements for USTs, Business Plans and Hazardous Materials Disclosure, please call (714) 288-2551 .

The CUPA will offer businesses the benefit of a single-fee system incorporating all the fees from the 6 programs. For more information regarding billing, Hazardous Waste, Aboveground Storage Tanks or the CalARP program, please call (714) 433-6000.

UST Testing Notification and Test Results:

To notify this Agency of an upcoming Monitoring System Certification, Spill Container Test, Secondary Containment (SB989) Test, or Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspection, please submit your request by email to HazardousMaterials@cityoforange.org at least 48 hours prior to the test.

For tests conducted on or after October 1, 2018, results must be submitted on the following state forms:
Monitoring System Certification Form
Spill Container Test Report Form
Secondary Containment Testing Report
Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspection Report Form

Test results are due within 30 days and may be submitted directly to your assigned UST inspector.

Paper copies may be sent to:

Hazardous Materials Program
176 S. Grand Street
Orange, CA 92866

Informational Documents from the State Water Resources Control Board

Overfill Prevention Equipment Inspection Requirements
Spill Container Testing Requirements
Secondary Containment Testing Requirements
New Construction, Upgrade, and Compatibility Requirements
Emergency Generator Tank System Line Leak Detector Requirements

UST Forms

Businesses are required to submit all required UST compliance documents to the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS). To access the Business Portal, please visit https://cers.calepa.ca.gov/.

UST System Testing

Required Testing Interval

12 Months

36 Months

After Modifications

If Applicable

Monitor System Certification





Spill Container










SB989 Secondary Containment1





Tank Integrity





Pipeline Integrity





1Not required on VPH systems.
2Only required for single-walled tanks. Interval depends on monitoring plan.
3For single-walled piping or systems not programmed for positive shutdown and fail safe.

UST Modifications and Repairs

Please refer to our Standard Operating Procedure for UST Repair and Modification Permitting document to determine if the scope of work you intend to perform will require the submittal of a “plan check” and payment of fees to Orange City Fire Department.