City Manager


The City Manager is appointed by the City Council, and serves as the Council-appointed executive manager of the City.


Our City Manager, Rick Otto, is responsible for the administration and implementation of the City Council's policies and programs.  He also oversees the day-to-day operation of our City, its economic development activities, and the Internal Audit Program. 

As City Manager, Rick appoints and manages the City's Executive Directors, who in turn are responsible for making sure we provide our customers with excellent customer service.

Our office also provides administrative support to the Mayor and City Council Members.

Services and Programs

Other City programs and services managed by the City Manager's Office include:
  • First point-of-contact for citizen inquiries regarding Cityservice related issues
  • Management of Animal Control contract with the County of Orange
  • Community engagement
  • Economic Development
  • Information technology
  • Governmental Affairs, such as County, State, and Federal legislation
  • Regional issues

City Manager's Office Staff

Assistant City Manager/
Community Services Director

Email:Bonnie Hagan
Assistant City Manager/
Administrative Services Director

Email: Will Kolbow
Senior Executive Assistant 
City Manager/ City Council
Email: Debra Gabler
Senior Assistant To The City Manager
Email: Aaron Schulze
Executive Assistant
Email: Corinna Rivas