How to Obtain a Copy of My Citation

If you have been issued a citation by a City of Orange police officer, you may obtain a copy of the citation from either our Records or Traffic Bureaus for a minimal fee.  To obtain a copy of a citation you will need to present a valid government issued identification card.

Can I pay my citation online?

Yes, please contact the Orange County Superior Court at (877) 872-2122 or via the web at:

How can I request an extension for my citation?

The Orange County Superior Court Clerk's office is able to grant extensions.  You may contact them at (877) 872-2122 or via the web at:

Parking Citations

Parking citations issued by a City of Orange police or parking control officer may be paid by mailing your payment and copy of the citation to:  City of Orange Parking Administration, P.O. Box 25120, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5120.

Can I pay my parking citation at the police department?

No, the payment for the citation can only be made by mail (See "Parking Citations" above).