1908: The Beginning and a Tragedy

Oral Histories - Agapito H. Morales

1908: the Beginning

"My Grandfather Refujio Hernandez, and Marcos Poblano started coming to the Cypress Street area 1908-1915. In 1918, he brought the family back to the Cypress Street area to stay-Pabla Chaves Hernandez, Enedio, Isabel, Macarea, Jose, Jesus Hernandez. They picked citrus fruits, and vegetables. They were able to work 6 months out of the year (seasonal). Nobody would hire them because they were Mexican."

A Tragedy

"My uncle, Jesus Hernandez, eight years old, would go to the Santiago Packing house to earn a few pennies picking up small pieces of ice to sell around the neighborhood.  Not knowing any better, when he went back for more ice a big piece of ice fell on his head and killed him instantly. Being what the times were at that time, they went to court and lost."

His nephew,
Agapito H. Morales"