Portrait of Edward Garcia

Portrait of veteran sitting

Photo History

Studio portrait of Edward Garcia, in United States Army uniform, Orange, California, 1943. Edward T. Garcia was born in Los Angeles in 1923. The Garcia family moved to Orange in 1930, taking up residence on the 100 block of North Cypress Street. He was drafted into the Army in 1943 and trained in Oklahoma. Garcia was sent to Italy March 1944 as a rifleman with the 85th Division, 339 Reg. K Company, 1st Platoon. He went on numerous night patrols seeking German soldiers to bring back for interrogation. He had some close calls and was wounded by shrapnel, but felt it was not serious enough to warrant leaving his outfit. His platoon, along with other allies fought and pushed the German troops back to the Austrian border, holding them until all of the German Army surrendered throughout Europe. Soon After, his outfit started retraining in tanks for deployment to the Pacific, when Japan surrendered. PFC Garcia returned to Orange, arriving at the old bus station on Lemon Street in Orange on January 6, 1946.


Donated by Phil Colin, File Number S247, Barcode 10586903.