Portrait of 189th Infantry Company I

Large group of veterans

Photo History

Group portrait of Company I, 189th Infantry, C.N.G. Captain Albert M. Wunderlick, Commanding Officer, 4th Army Maneuver, taken at Fort Louis, Grand Mount, Washington, 1940. Fred Barrera was recruited into this unit from High School. Once the Army discovered his age, he was sent back home shortly after this photograph was taken [Barrera is on the second row, 10th from the right]. Other from Orange include Robert Hoyt, 2nd row, third from right; Len Franco, 2nd row, twelfth from right; on the back row, are Junior Boyles, second from left, two Clark brothers, seventh and 9th from left; Andy Martinez, eighth from left; Billy Mayes, second from right. Photograph produced by "Palace Studio, LA."


Donated by Fred Barrera, File Number S228, Barcode 10586629.