Weddings, Bandshell, and Special Events

Weddings, Bandshell, Citywide Special Event, and Park Special Event Permits

  • All wedding ceremonies require a city permit (O.M.C. 12.48.105).
  • Bandshell usage requires a city permit (O.M.C. 12.48.105) (see requirements for a permit in "How to Reserve a Facility or Picnic Pavilion").
  • Groups with occupancy over 300 or groups wanting amplified music must go through Code Enforcement Division of the Community Development Department for a Citywide Special Event permit before a permit is granted (O.M.C. 12.48.105-12.48.125).
  • Any group of 25 people or more is required to have a park permit. Examples of events that would require a Park/Facility Special Event permit include, but are not limited to: a picnic consisting of 200 people or more, an outdoor event with live or amplified sound, carnival, opening/closing day organized sports season festivities, outdoor church congregation, car show, etc. (O.M.C. 12.48.105). For additional details view the Special Event Permit Guidelines (PDF).