BlocCam Chapman & The City Drive Camera Main & Katella Camera Main & Orangewood Camera Main & Chapman Camera Main LaVeta Camera LaVeta & Batavia Camera Plaza Camera Chapman & Grand Camera Katella & Glassell Camera Tustin & Lincoln Camera Tustin & Meats Camera Tustin & Briardale Camera Tustin & Katella Camera Tustin & Collins Camera Chapman & Tustin Camera Tustin & LaVeta Camera Tustin & Fairhaven Camera Chapman & Yorba Camera Chapman & Prospect Camera Chapman & Hewes Camera Chapman & Cannon Camera Glassel & Lincoln Camera Tustin & Village Town Center Camera

These CCTV cameras, located at various critical intersections throughout the City, are used by Public Works staff to monitor traffic flow and adjust traffic signal timing as necessary. They are connected to the City’s Traffic Management Center via fiber optic or microwave links and are then output to the Internet every 20 seconds. As the City’s fiber optic network expands, more cameras will be added.

This map will allow you to select a live traffic camera by simply clicking on the red dot over the intersection you would like to see.

If you hover your mouse pointer over a red dot, you will see a description of the intersection.

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