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Form Catalog

Below is a series of PDF-based forms from the various departments within the City. They will require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view. To download this free software from Adobe's web site, click the button below. (We recommend Acrobat Reader 6.0 for maximum functionality.)

Acrobat files are large and may take some time to appear on-screen. Please be patient.

The forms may be filled in on-line. You may then print them and mail, fax or bring them to the City of Orange (see individual forms for addresses and fax numbers). For forms that do not require signatures, you may also save the completed form and then send it as an email attachment to the appropriate department (see form for email address).

Section UL
 Old Towne Orange shopping, dining and free public parking map (738.3 KB)
 Old Towne Visitor’s Map (762.3 KB)
 Swine Flu Interim Mask Respirator (357.4 KB)
Section UL
 Application - Building Permit (69 KB)
 Application - Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Permit (94.7 KB)
 Patio Cover Packet - City Standard (347.6 KB)
 Permits Required/Exempt Information (141.2 KB)
 Photovoltaic Checklist (121.4 KB)
 Pool Demo (95.4 KB)
 Pool Fencing (97.8 KB)
 Red Fire Ant Form (114.4 KB)
 Residential Room Addition Submittal Checklist (51.1 KB)
 Residential Solar Streamline Processing (272.2 KB)
 Residential Solar Submittal Requirements (347.8 KB)
 Tenant Improvement Submittal Requirements (87 KB)
City Clerk
Section UL
 BCC Application with e-mail address (22.2 KB)
 Block Party Application (139.3 KB)
 Request for Public Record with e-mail (31.8 KB)
 Request for Public Records (70.7 KB)
City Manager
Section UL
 Hotline Inquiry (45.5 KB)
Community Services
Section UL
 Watershed Cleanup Day 2005 - Waiver of Liability (14.2 KB)
Economic Development
Section UL
 Business Assistance Application (84.1 KB)
 Home Improvement Program Application (44.3 KB)
Filming Information
Section UL
 Film Permit Application (351.5 KB)
Business License Applications
Section UL
 Businesses Inside City of Orange (542.4 KB)
 Businesses Outside City of Orange (102.7 KB)
 Contractor Application (607.2 KB)
 Credit Card Authorization (41.5 KB)
Section UL
 Supplier Application (81.1 KB)
 Vendor Information/W-9 form (370.1 KB)
Transient Occupancy Tax
Section UL
 TOT Credit Card Info (41.5 KB)
 TOT Exemption Form (151.9 KB)
 Transient Occupancy Tax Form (710.7 KB)
Utilities (Water, Trash, & Sanitation)
Section UL
 Start Utility Services Application (20 KB)
 Stop Utility Services Application (35.5 KB)
Forms for Fire Department
Section UL
 Annual Subcription Fee (22.3 KB)
 Business Activities Form (85.8 KB)
 Business Emergency Plan and Site Map (69 KB)
 Business Emergency Plan Instructions (1.75 MB)
 Business Owner/Operator Identification Form (39 KB)
 Centennial Merchandise Form (191.1 KB)
 Certificate of Exemption Application (45.5 KB)
 Designated Operator Monthly Inspection Checklist (426.6 KB)
 Designated Operator Submittal Form (396.4 KB)
 Fireworks Application (48 KB)
 Hazardous Materials Inventory Form (51.9 KB)
 Inventory Certification Statement (58.6 KB)
 Ride-A-Long Application (16.8 KB)
 Ride-A-Long Confidentiality (12.6 KB)
 Self Inspection Worksheet (64.8 KB)
 Smoke Detector Release (8.6 KB)
 Volunteer Application Fill-in (227.4 KB)
Section UL
 Business Vacation Check Application (212.1 KB)
 Citizen's Academy Application (209.7 KB)
 Kids Print Program Application (842.4 KB)
 Vacation Check Request Form (289.5 KB)
 Volunteer Program Application (783 KB)
Public Works
Section UL
 Street Light Repair Request Form (132.3 KB)
 Street Service Request Form (263.4 KB)
 Surface Water Quality Form (480.2 KB)
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