More than the Sum of its Parts

Eichler Homes are more than just posts and beams, glass and concrete. They were attainable dream-houses when they first came on the market, allowing the middle class to buy architect-designed homes at a price they could afford-and they’re still dream-houses for those who are lucky enough to live in one, and for the hundreds who hope that one will go on the market so they can snap it up.

Entry Way

Simple and elegant, modern and historic, mass-produced but so very, very individual, Eichler homes may just have it all-but they aren’t for everyone.

Claire Samhammer recalls viewing one of Orange’s Eichler model homes in the 1960s with a relative who blurted, “This looks just like a factory.” He remembers his astonishment. “I thought it was the most beautiful house I’d ever seen,” he says.

“There is something about th[ese] house[s],” Ettinger agrees.

“It almost makes me cry sometimes. It takes me back to a simpler time; it’s easy and free living here. I just love that simpler time.”

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