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Military Veterans

From the four-block area of the Cypress Barrio, sixty-eight men served in the United States Army, Navy, Air Corps, Marines and Coast Guard during World War II, all of Mexican descent.  Thirty served during the Korean War, and seven in the Vietnam War.

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This page displays a sample of the photographs collected during the Shades of Orange project.  The entire collection is available from Orange Public Library's Local History photo database:  http://history.cityoforange.org/awweb/guest.jsp, use the search phrase Shades of Orange to view the entire collection.  Add an additional search word (like a name) in the second search box to narrow the search.

Portrait of Demara family members taken during World War II when Steve Demara was on leave from the Army; he later saw action at the Battle of Iwo Jima, Orange, California, 1943.  Left to right: Concha Poblano Demara, Steve Demara, and Pearl Demara.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S030,  Barcode 10599329

An Army group portrait photograph, taken during basic training at Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, California, October 1942. A flag with RTC, crossed rifles, 79C at back left [recruit training command, 79 corps?]. Elias Guzman is third from the right, bottom row. He is holding a rifle, as are nine other soldiers on the first row. Elias was one of sixty-eight men from the Cypress Street Barrio in Orange, California to participate in World War II. He was sent to the Philippines and returned unharmed.

Donated by Paul Guzman,  File number S058,  Barcode 1058676

Toribio "Cali" Guzman served in the Korean War. He had his picture taken in uniform by a photographer in 1951, and sent it to his niece, Lorraine and his sister, Alejandra and brother-in-law, Jack.

Donated by Lorraine Limon,  File number S082,  Barcode 10599349

Portrait photograph taken by a traveling photographer who came to North Cypress Street in Orange, California, ca. 1944.  Rosie Deleon and her brother, Danny Deleon are posing in front of a painted backdrop featuring a palm tree and the ocean.  Danny is wearing part of a uniform, popular for portraits of boys during the war years.

Donated by Lorraine Limon,  File number S085,  Barcode 10599348

Portrait of Ysidoro Aguirre in uniform, standing outside 381 North Harwood Street, Orange, California, 1942. The photograph was taken after he was drafted into the Army during World War II.

Donated by Martha Beltran,  File Number S138,  Barcode 10586606

Luis Garcia in his Air Force uniform, in a portrait taken while he was stationed at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, 1960.  He was later sent to Puerto Rico.

Donated by Luis Garcia,  File Number S192,  Barcode 10586688

Group portrait of Company I, 189th Infantry, C.N.G. Capt. Albert M. Wunderlick, Commanding Officer, 4th Army Maneuver, taken at Fort Louis, Grand Mount, Washington, 1940.  Fred Barrera was recruited into this unit from High School. Once the Army discovered his age, he was sent back home shortly after this photograph was taken [Barrera is on the second row, 10th from the right]. Other from Orange include Robert Hoyt, 2nd row, third from right; Len Franco, 2nd row, twelfth from right; on the back row, are Junior Boyles, second from left, two Clark brothers, seventh and 9th from left; Andy Martinez, eighth from left; Billy Mayes, second from right. Photograph produced by "Palace Studio, LA."

Donated by Fred Barrera,  File Number S228,  Barcode 10586629

Esther Luna Poblano and Raul Gonzalez Poblano, Orange, California, 1943. Raul Poblano was drafted in 1943 into the United States Army. Raul served in the European campaign during World War II as an infantryman, and was awarded his infantryman’s badge.  He was wounded in action during the Battle of the Bulge.  As a result of his wounds, he was sent back to the United States for rehabilitation.  After several months of rehab in the Miramar Hotel in Santa Barbara, he joined his family and while on leave, the Japanese surrendered and the war was over. He was discharged in 1945. He never pursued the fact that he was not presented his Purple Heart medal, and died in 2001.  His wife still lives in their home of many years, at 325 North Cypress Street in Orange, California.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S237,  Barcode 10586850

Ray Alonzo on a tank during World War II, 1944. Alonzo enlisted March 14, 1942, and served with the 4th Armored Division. His desert training was in anticipation of deployment to North Africa.  A historic change was made and the division landed on Utah Beach, Normandy, ten days after “D” day, June 6th, 1944. Ray served in the European campaign from Normandy to Czechoslovakia, where the 3rd Army, under General Patton, met the Russian forces. Ray is retired, and still resides with his wife of 58 years, in the city where he was born--Orange, California.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S238,  Barcode 10586849

Portrait of Antonio G. (Tony) Beltran in uniform, 1944. Born in Orange, he was a Private First Class in the United States Army, 41st Armored Infantry Regiment.  Beltran received the European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal; Good Conduct Medal, and the World War II Victory Medal. He received his Honorable Discharge papers on December 20, 1945. The Beltran family lived on North Cypress Street in Orange, California.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S239,  Barcode 10586853

Portrait of Jesus Gonzales in United States military uniform, ca. 1942. His brother, Julian, also served during World War II. The Gonzales family lived on North Cypress Street in Orange, California.

Donated by Agapito MoralesFile Number S240,  Barcode 10586854

Portrait photograph of Julian Gonzales in military uniform, Orange, California, 1944.  He enlisted April 27, 1944, into the infantry, United States Army at San Pedro Induction Center, and trained at Fort McClellan, Alabama. He served in Italy during World War II and received his honorable discharge January 29, 1946.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S241,  Barcode 10586855

Copy of the discharge papers for Julian D. Gonzales, given at the Separation Center, Fort MacArthur, California, January 29, 1946.  "Army of the United States - Honorable Discharge - This is to certify that Julian D. Gonzales 39 590 665 Private - 523rd Quartermaster Car Company - Army of the United States - is hereby Honorably Discharged from the military service of the United States of America. - This certificate is awarded as a testimonial of Honest and Faithful Service to this country. - [signed by] Cyril H. McGuire - Major Coast Artillery Corps."

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S242,  Barcode 10586886

Copy of a military diary form, filled in by Julian D. Gonzales, Orange, California, 1946.  The form was copyrighted in by E. W. Burke, Macon, Georgia with Oliver Photo. Co. as exclusive agents; designed to be filled in by service personnel during World War II after the addition of their portrait to the form.  Julian D. Gonzales' form contains the following information: Diary of Julian D. Gonzales, serving in United States Army, World War 2, Induction at San Pedro, California, April 27, 1944; basic training in the Infantry, July 2, 1944; training station--Fort McClellan, Alabama, October 28, 1944; transferred to Fort George G. Meade, November 23, 1944; transferred to Italy, December 10, 1945; transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia, November, 1945; discharged in San Pedro, California, January 29, 1946.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S243,  Barcode 10586887

Group portrait photograph of United States Air Force servicemen with their B-17 Flying Fortress, ca. 1943.  They completed 35 missions during the Second World War. The B-17, possibly the Second World War’s most famous heavy bomber, had four 1,200-hp Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone turbocharged radial piston engines (only two visible in this photograph).  Lieutenant Joe Martinez (later a Captain) is second from the left.

Donated by Augie Morales,  File Number S244,  Barcode 10586885

Studio portrait of Edward Garcia, in United States Army uniform, Orange, California, 1943.  Edward T. Garcia was born in Los Angeles in 1923.  The Garcia family moved to Orange in 1930, taking up residence on the 100 block of North Cypress Street. He was drafted into the Army in 1943 and trained in Oklahoma.  Garcia was sent to Italy March 1944 as a rifleman with the 85th Division, 339 Reg. K Company, 1st Platoon.  He went on numerous night patrols seeking German soldiers to bring back for interrogation.  He had some close calls and was wounded by shrapnel, but felt it was not serious enough to warrant leaving his outfit.  His platoon, along with other allies fought and pushed the German troops back to the Austrian border, holding them until all of the German Army surrendered throughout Europe.  Soon After, his outfit started retraining in tanks for deployment to the Pacific, when Japan surrendered.  PFC Garcia returned to Orange, arriving at the old bus station on Lemon Street in Orange on January 6, 1946.

Donated by Phil Colin,  File Number S247,  Barcode 10586903

Tony T. Garcia in United States Navy Uniform, Orange, California, 1944.  The Garcia family lived on the 100 block of North Cypress Street, after moving to Orange in 1930. Tony served in the navy 1944-1946, and his brother, Eddie Garcia served in the army, 1943-1946.

Donated by Phil Colin,  File number S248,  Barcode 10586976

Standing in front of the Cypress Street School, North Cypress Street in Orange, California, are Beatrice Vasquez, Johnny Atliano and Irene Cruz, ca. 1945. Johnny Atliano is home on leave from the Army, during World War II.

Donated by Emigdio Vasquez,  File Number S287,  Barcode 10586745

Johnny Atliano with the Vasquez Family, in front of the Cypress Street School, Orange, California, ca. 1945. Left to right, sitting on the steps of the school are: In front, brothers Harvey Vasquez and Emigdio Vasquez with their dog, Frank; in back, Johnny Atliano (cousin and serviceman, in army uniform), and Santiago Vasquez (father of the boys).

Donated by Emigdio Vasquez,  File Number S290,  Barcode 10586750

Rachel Alvarado's father, Abraham B. Alvarado in the Army, Tanker Division, during World War II in Berlin, Germany. On the back of the photograph is "Papa Von W. W. II, Germany, with a little German boy - Abraham B. Alvarado, c1940." [1945?]

Donated by Rachel Alvarado,  File Number S322,  Barcode 10586788

Rudy Chavez [left] and his friend, Don Bradshaw, in the Air Force at Parks Air Force Base, Pleasanton [near San Francisco], California, 1955.

Donated by John and Rudy Chavez,  File Number S351,  Barcode 1058682

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