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Neighborhood Activities

The Cypress barrio grew up in proximity to the packinghouses. The neighborhood was bounded by Walnut Avenue to the north, Palm Avenue to the south, Glassell Street to the east and the railroad tracks to the west. Another small neighborhood grew up around the 100 block of North Cypress (El Otro Barrio/The Other Barrio). The center of Cypress Barrio was in the 400 block of North Cypress, between Sycamore and Walnut. Some of the early housing for Mexican families consisted of older homes that were moved to the low-lying properties near the railroad lines. Two Anglo businessmen owned many of the little houses and rented them out.

Segregation from Anglo residents of Orange was a part of school life for the Mexican-American children. Children in the Cypress Barrio attended the Lemon Street School, but there were two buildings, one for the Anglo and another for the Mexican.  In 1946, schools were desegregated and all neighborhood children in the Cypress barrio attended the newly-integrated Killefer School, the Intermediate School, and Orange Union High School.

This page displays a sample of the photographs collected during the Shades of Orange project.  The entire collection is available from Orange Public Library's Local History photo database:  http://history.cityoforange.org/awweb/guest.jsp, use the search phrase Shades of Orange to view the entire collection.  Add an additional search word (like a name) in the second search box to narrow the search.


First Grade Class, posing outside at Killefer School, Orange, California, 1945.  (1944-integration) Norman Chavez is the eighth from the left.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S004,  Barcode 10586775

Mrs. Wannamaker's cooking class, held across the street from 472 North Cypress Street in Orange, California, ca. 1935.  Left to right, first row: Mrs. Wannamaker, teacher, Marcelina Chavez, Eva Martinez, Julia Cruz, Lucy Ramirez, unidentified, Connie Poblano. Second row: unidentified, Edna DeLeon, unidentified.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S009,  Barcode 10586665

Cypress Street School playground, Orange, California, 1938. Left to right: Helen Poblano, age 7 years, Robert Cardenas, age 19 years and Alfred Poblano, age 9 years. In the background, bathrooms are in the building on the right, and an orange grove is beyond the fence. Facing north.

Donated by Leo M. and Helen Poblano Castro,  File Number S021,  Barcode 10586673

Group photograph of all the students at Sycamore Elementary School, the Hispanic elementary school located at North Lemon Street and East Sycamore Avenue in Orange, California, 1923. The school was alternately called "The Barn" and "Caracol" (the "Spiral Stairwell," a reference to the spiral stairwell that was inside on the second floor.)  The school was open from 1920-1931.

Donated by Paul Guzman,  File number S057,  Barcode 10586766

Students at Sycamore School located at West Sycamore Avenue and North Lemon Street, Orange, California, 1925. Also known as "The Barn" or "Mexican School," now the site of Chapman University's multi-story parking facility. Pictured are: Ismael Nava, Copnnie (Consuelo) Olivos, Ysidra Balderrama, Juanita Villalobos, Frances Beltran, Juan Alcantar , Feliciatas Alcantar, Hilario Olivos, Ysidoro Montoya, Rudy ? , Salvador Villalobos, Agapito Valdivia, Antonia Picasso, Marcelina Chavez, Antonia, Garcia, Placida Chavez, Rafaela Nava, Jack De Leon, unknown,. Rene Paredez, Ernie Quin, unknown, Ricardo Martinez, Ted Aguirre.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S111,  Barcode 10599371

Students at the Cypress Street School, located on North Cypress Street in Orange, California, 1939. The photograph is of all the students in the school, and the teacher. Paul Guzman is fourth from the right, first row.

Donated by Paul Guzman,  File Number S126,  Barcode 10599383

Holy Family Catholic School eighth grade graduation class, Orange, California, 1952. The school was located on the southwest corner of South Glassell Street and West La Veta Avenue as of 1948. Left to right: Johnny Garcia, Richard Sepulveda, unknown, unknown, Gary Shepard, Manuel Rodriguez, Dennis Wagner, Donna Cox, Daloris Wingate, Esther Hurtado, Raul (Martin) Martinez, Martha Beltran, and Janet Steele.

Donated by Martha Beltran,  File Number S132,  Barcode 10586603

Two young women, Phyllis ____ and Lucy Duron sitting on the fire hydrant in front of the Orange Union High School Gym, across the street from the rest of the High School buildings in Orange, California, 1947. They are wearing gym suits.

Donated by Lucy Duron,  File Number S163,  Barcode 10586632

Eighth Grade Class of 1939, at Intermediate School, located on North Glassell Street, Orange, California.  Fred Barrera is the fourth from the end, top row, wearing an Orange YMCA shirt.

Donated by Fred Barrera,  File Number S225,  Barcode 10586714

Fifth Grade Class at Cypress Street School, Orange, California, 1935. Row 1, left to right: Alphonso Alvarado, Librado Alonzo, Angel Robles, Johnie Rodriguez, Angel Martinez, Fred Barrera, John Montoya, Clyde Lopez, Jesus Gallardo, Lalo Garcia, Manuel Valdivia. 2nd row: Maria Macias, Amelia De Leon, Rebecca Escobedo, Lorenza Garcia, Nicolas Pacaso, Angelina Flores, Celia Cruz , Joe Martinez, Ermelinda Peralta, Arthur Munoz. 3rd row: Ema Cornejo, Lupe Cornejo, Elvira Salcedo, Jose Luna, Esther Luna, Ramona Beltran, Carmen Escobedo. 4th row, top left: Mrs. Robinson, Teacher, Martha Martinez, Lola Macias, Eisabel Flores, Vivian Martines, Josie Chavez, Helen Diaz, Crecentia Peralta, Concha Poblano.

Donated by Fred Barrera,  File Number S226,  Barcode 10586715

Kindergarten class portrait, at Killefer School on North Lemon Street, Orange, California, 1945. Emigdio Vasquez is in the second row, second from the left. His best friend, Sal Garcia, is second from the left in the first row. Mrs. Peterson is the teacher.

Donated by Emigdio Vasquez,  File Number S285,  Barcode 10586746

First Grade class at Killefer School on North Lemon Street, Orange, California, 1946.  The class is posing on the steps to the front entrance with their teacher. Emigdio Vasquez is in the first row, on the left end. Mrs. Donomann was the teacher and also the principal of the school.

Donated by Emigdio Vasquez,  File Number S286,  Barcode 10586747

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The Orange "Tomboys" all female baseball/softball team, Orange, California, 1947. The girls were organized by Elias Guzman, the head coach. The girls were Mexican and played other Mexican girl teams from surrounding cities, such as Placentia, Anaheim (La Colonia), Santa Ana, Westminster, and La Habra. They were the champions of the year in 1944.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S106,  Barcode 10599364

"The Padres" men's baseball team group portrait, Orange, California, 1946.  The baseball team would travel to other barrios and play other barrio teams.  When playing locally, they played in an open field located on West Walnut Avenue, west of the railroad, adjacent to the tracks in Orange, California.  Money collected through general collections and concession stand went towards purchasing equipment for their team.  Members of the team are: Bottom row, left to right: Mike Cruz, unknown, Pete Montoyo, Jack DeLeon, Henry Martinez, Paul Guzman, Reggie Martinez, Manuel Salcido, Felix Orozco. Top row, left to right: Frank Enriquez, Vidal Chavez, Chilo Beltran, Cirilio Gomez, Augustin Camarena, Salvador Felix, Father Collins, Salvador [ ? ], Albert Salcido, Rosano Alonzo ("Chayo"). Man in hat between Gomez and Camarena (in top row) is Doroteo DeLeon, father of Jack DeLeon. Man between Camarena and Felix is Robert Figueroa.

Donated by Agapito Morales,  File Number S110,  Barcode 10599369

Orange High School Girls Field Hockey team, Orange, California, 1951. Standing left to right are: Donna Colt, Lois Hughes, Ruth S. Lois Woodworth, Joann L. Doris Dennis, Mildred S., Norma S., Norma Cardwell. Second row: Margret Moreno, Carlina Smith, Eva DeLeon, Darlene S. Kay Goodwin, Margie Letto, Jerry Coley, Petra Colin and Charlotte F.

Donated by Colin Family,  File Number S216,  Barcode 10586706

Neighborhood men's baseball team from North Cypress Street Barrio, Orange, California, 1948. The team was called the "Padres" and played all around Orange County. Salvador Felix is the batter.

Donated by Emma Felix,  File Number S300,  Barcode 10586763

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