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Business License


Can I change my Business License information on-line?
Yes.  You may change your mailing address, business phone number, or email address at any time. If needed, you can then continue on to pay your business license renewal.
However, if you change your business name your account will be locked until it is reviewed and updated.  It may take up to 1 business day before your account is unlocked and you can finish your on-line renewal.
If you change your business address your account will be locked until this is reviewed and approved. 
A $5.00 “Move Fee” will be added to your account.  You will be contacted if Zoning, Planning, or Police Department approval is required for the new location.

How can I get my Security Code?
Your Security Code can be found on your Business License Renewal Notice, under "Total Due".
If your license expired prior to April 30, 2011, you may not have received a Security Code on your Renewal Notice. 
Call (714) 744-2270 and have ready your Business License number, and your Federal Tax ID # or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number – whichever one is normally listed on your Renewal Notice.

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