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Can I get a grocery cart picked up?
The City of Orange contracts with Calilfornia Shopping Cart Retrieval Corporation to remove stray or abandoned shopping carts.  CSCRC can be reached at 800-252-4613.  This telephone number operates 24 hours a day. 

Can I get a sign for my business?
Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (714) 744-7220.

Can I put up a sign for a yard/garage sale?
Yes, as long as it is on your private property (O.M.C. 17.14.05.).  If you have any questions, please contact Code Enforcement at:


Phone: (714) 744-7244


Do I need a license to work from home?
Yes, all businesses need a license (O.M.C. 5.02).  Further information is available on the City's Home Page under Online Services - Business Licenses or you may contact the Business License Division.

Phone: (714) 744-2270
Fax: (714) 288-2170

Buisness License

Do I need a permit for a yard/garage sale?
No, a permit is not needed.  An Orange resident is allowed three yard sales a year or one every four months.  Please note that no merchandise can be brought in for the event (O.M.C. 17.14.050).  If you need further assistance, please contact Code Enforcement at:


Phone: (714) 744-7244


Do I need a permit to film in the city?
A permit is required if any production activity occurs in the public right-of-way. Production activity includes filming, personnel or equipment placement, and vehicle parking.  A permit is not required if all production activity is completely contained on private property. For information purposes only, a production company filming on private property is asked to complete the permit application form. The information is kept on file in case the city receives calls from community members.  For more information, please contact the Economic Development Department at (714) 288-2580.

How can I get my business' fire extinguisher serviced?
Check the yellow pages or an internet search engine (area specific) for a fire extinguisher maintenance company to make the necessary arrangements and establish a schedule.

How do I find out about bidding for city contracts?
Bids for city contracts are found under the City Services section of our website in the area entitled Bids and RFP's. Formal bids are also advertised in the Orange City News and construction trade publications.

How do I transfer my business to a new owner?
Business licenses are not transferable. You would have to close your account and the new owner would have to purchase his/her own license. You may contact us at:

Phone: (714) 744-2270

Buisness License

How does the city sell surplus goods?
Surplus goods are sold through Nationwide Auction Services, 13005 East Temple, City of Industry, CA.


How much does a business license or permit cost?
There are several different fee categories, which are based upon different types of business activities.  Please check under Online Services - Business Licenses on the City's Home Page.

300 E. Chapman Ave.
CA 92866

Phone: (714) 744-2270

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Business License

I want to hold an outdoor / open-air event... do I need a permit?
A special event is an organized activity of limited duration conducted on private property and open to the public.  Special events may be a 5K/10K Walk, a grand opening with a band playing, a health fair, a carnival...etc. The permit regulates the time, manner, location, and duration of the temporary event.

· An application packet, including a Certificate of Liability naming the City of Orange as certificate holder and separate endorsement naming the City of Orange as additional insured, must be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the event, or three months if a street closure is requested.  Any street closure, carnival, or circus requires City Council approval. The event shall not be operated longer than nine consecutive days.

· The cost of the permit is $60.

· A cash bond may be required to cover any City services that may be required; the unused portion will be refunded.

If you are anticipating a Special Event, contact Kathy McTaggart, Special Events Coordinator at (714) 744-7244.

I want to sell goods or services at an event in the city.
The City of Orange Community Services Department offers the opportunity to sell goods at events by City of Orange non-profit organizations.  These events are:

  • 3rd of July Celebration (on 7/3) at Fred Kelly Stadium, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Food booths, petting zoo, City Department displays, musical program and fireworks show.
  • Treats in the Streets Autumn Festival (Thursday before 10/31), at Downtown Plaza Park area, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Food and craft booths, hayride, costume parade and trick or treating of downtown businesses.
  • Tree Lighting Ceremony (1st Sunday in December) at Downtown Plaza Park area, 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Food and craft booths, and holiday musical program.

Please contact Community Services Coordinator Lisa Tamburelli at 714-744-7294 or email Lisa Tamburelli for an application packet.



I would like information about importing and exporting.
This is not done through the City of Orange. You may wish to contact the United States Customs Services at:

Phone: 1(562) 366-5777

What can I expect when the Fire Department conducts a fire inspection in my place of business ?

The Fire Department conducts fire and life safety occupancy inspections in each business within the City on an annual basis. Areas that are inspected include those in which the general public has access. Items such as panic hardware, smoke detectors, fire alarms, automatic fire sprinkler systems and portable fire extinugishers are inspected to ensure operational readiness.

Additionally, exit lights and occupant load signs must be present. Should a violation exist, a Notice of Correction will be issued to the responsible party and generally 21 days will be granted to correct the defects. If additional time is necessary, you may contact the Fire Prevention Bureau and request an extension.

Please call (714) 288-2541.

What do I need to submit a complete Land Use Application to the City of Orange.
The City of Orange Land Use Application Packet provides a submittal checklist along with plan submittal requirements, and water quality management plan information.

What is the Industrial Development Authority and how does it work?
The Industrial Development Bond Program provides manufacturers seeking an alternative source of funds to finance capital expenditures and land acquisition in Orange.  The Industrial Development Authority of the City of Orange (“IDA”) acts as the issuer for the “tax-exempt” industrial bonds.  General requirements include applicant must be a “manufacturing company” requesting $1 to $10 million and the applicant must secure a letter of credit in the amount of bond issue from a bank.  Through the State of California and the Industrial Development Authority of the City of Orange, qualifying applicants can secure tax-exempt bond issues at competitive interest rates. For more information regarding the application process, please contact the Economic Development Division at 714-288-2580.

What licenses do I need to start a business?
There are numerous types of licenses available.  The type of license you will need is based upon the type of business you are going to conduct.  Further information is available on the City's Home Page under Online Services - Business Licenses or you may contact the Business License Division. 

300 E. Chapman Avenue
CA 92866

Phone: (714) 744-2270

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Business License

What other resources are available to businesses?
The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers loans and grants, contracting opportunities, business mentoring, and low or no cost classes for businesses.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of businesses in the City of Orange.

What programs exist for minority or women owned businesses?
You can contact Small Business Administration for assistance at:

(714) 550-7420

Small Business Administration

Where are fire extinguishers placed in a commercial building?
The general rule for commercial buildings, with no special hazard classification, is an extinguisher with a 2A:10BC rating placed within 75 feet travel distance to another area.  Fire extinguishers should be placed between the hazard and the exit.  For smaller businesses, the best placement is adjacent to the exit door.

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