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How do I pay my City of Orange utility bill?

Please go to http://www.cityoforange.org/depts/finance/utility_services/payment_options.asp

How do I sign up for the City of Orange utilities?

Please go to http://www.cityoforange.org/depts/finance/utility_services/water_services.asp


How do I sign up for the City of Orange water service?

Please click here.

How do I sign up for the volunteer paramedic subscription services?

If you have a City of Orange utility bill, you can pay bi-monthly on your bill.  If you do not have a City utility bill, please contact (714) 288-2534.

How do I contact the County of Orange?
The County of Orange general information telephone number is (714) 834-2000. You may also visit their website at http://www.oc.ca.gov.

How do I contact the Old Towne Preservation Association (OTPA)?
OTPA can be reached by calling (714) 639-6840.

What is the City Hotline?
The City Hotline is a 24-hour, 7-day automated message service that allows residents to communicate with the City after hours regarding non-emergency general issues of concern. Hotline messages are answered within 72 hours.  The telephone number is (714) 744-5511. Messages may also be sent by email to cityhotline@cityoforange.org.

Where is City Hall?
Orange City Hall is located at 300 E. Chapman Avenue, between Grand Street and Center Street, two blocks east of the Old Towne Plaza.  Public parking lots are found off Grand Street and behind City Hall off Almond Street.

From the Garden Grove Freeway (22 Freeway), exit at Glassell Street and drive north to the Old Town Plaza; then turn east on Chapman Avenue. City Hall is on the right hand side of the street, just past Grand Street. 

From the Costa Mesa Freeway (55 Freeway), exit at Chapman Avenue and head west to Grand Street. City Hall is on the left side. 

From the Orange Freeway (57 Freeway) and Santa Ana Freeway (5 Freeway), exit at Chapman and drive east approximately 2 miles. Pass through the Orange Plaza traffic circle (staying on Chapman). City Hall is on the right hand side of the street, just past Grand Street.

Who is the City's cable provider?
Time Warner Communications is the City's primary cable provider. However, Cox Communications also provides cable service to a limited number of homes in the East Orange area, specifically the Santiago Hills development.   To request service from Time Warner, please contact (714) 903-4000.   To request service from Cox Communication, please contact (949) 720-2020.

What type of fire extinguisher should I purchase for my home and how will I know how to use it properly?

There are two types of fire extinguishers available on the market today.  They are either rechargeable or disposable, and come in portable sizes. Portable extinguishers (rechargeable or disposable) for home use are not designed to fight large or spreading fires.  Even against small fires, they are useful only under certain conditions.

  • The operator must know how to use the extinguisher.  There is no time to read directions during an emergency.
  • The extinguisher must be within easy reach, in working order and fully charged.
  • The operator must have a clear escape route that will not be blocked by fire.
  • The extinguisher must match the type of fire being fought.  Extinguishers containing water are unsuitable for use on grease or electrical fires.
  • The extinguisher must be large enough to put out the fire.  Many portable extinguishers discharge completely in a few as eight to ten second.

Choosing your extinguisher:
Select only fire extinguishers that have been tested by an independent laboratory (e.g. Underwriters Laboratories) and labeled for the type and size of fire they can extinguish. Use these labels as a guide to purchase the type of extinguisher that suits your needs.  Multipurpose fire extinguishers, labeled ABC, may be used on all three classes of fire.  If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you can endanger yourself and make the fire worse.

Classes of Fires:
Class A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth and paper.
Class B: Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil and oil-based paints.
Class C: Energized electrical equipment which includes wiring, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, machinery and appliances.

Extinguisher Sizes:
Portable fire extinguishers are also rated for the size of fire they can handle.  This rating will appear on the label (e.g. 2A:10B:C.)  The larger the numbers, the larger the fire that the extinguisher can put out, but higher-rated models are often heavier.  Make sure you can hold and operate the extinguisher before you purchase it.

Installation and Maintenance:
Fire extinguishers should be installed in plain view, above the reach of children, near an escape route and away from stoves and heating appliances.

Fire extinguishers require routine maintenance.  Read your operator's manual to learn how to inspect and maintain the extinguisher.

Rechargeable extinguishers must be serviced after every use, while disposable extinguishers can be used only once and must be replaced after use. 

Remember the PASS-word:

Pull the pin: This unlocks the lever and allows you to discharge the extinguisher.

Aim low: Point the extinguisher nozzle (or hose) at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever above the handle: This discharges the extinguishing agent.  Releasing the lever will stop the discharge.

Sweep from side to side: Moving carefully toward the fire, keep the extinguisher aimed at the base of the fire and sweep side to side until the flames are extinguished.  Watch the fire area.  If the fire reignites, repeat the process.

Even if you think you've extinguished the fire, always be sure to call the fire department to inspect the fire site.

Call (714) 288-2541 for a fire extinguisher brochure.

A member of my family is disabled. What does he/she do during a fire?
Assure that you have a well-defined escape plan. Make sure that people who are confined to a wheelchair have immediate access to their wheelchair when an emergency occurs.

Are Africanized Honey Bees (AHB) coming to Orange County?
They are on their way, but there is no set time line when they will arrive. While AHB do attack more aggressively than regular bees and will pursue an enemy further, they attack only when threatened and are not as dangerous as depicted in some recent movies. For precautions and what to do if you are stung or attacked, please call the OFD Community Relations and Education Office at (714) 288-2541 for a brochure.

Can I check my email at the library?
If you have an e-mail account with one of the free web-based email services (such as HotMail) you can use the library's Internet station to read it.  You cannot use it to access your own account with your own Internet Service Provider unless your ISP provides a way to access e-mail from their webpage.  Please keep in mind that the library is a public place and that your email may not be private.

Can the City Attorney advise citizens in legal matters?
No.  The City Attorney cannot advise private citizens in legal matters.  The City Attorney represents/advises the City Council, Planning Commission, City Departments, and other agencies, boards, commissions and committees.  However, the Orange County Legal Aid Society (800) 834-5001 or (714) 572-5200 or the Orange County Lawyers Referral Service (949) 440-6747 may be helpful in seeking legal representation and/or answer general legal questions.

Do I have to get a card from you if I already have an Orange County Public Library Card?
Yes. Orange Public Library and Orange County Public Library are two different systems and cannot use each other's cards. There is no difficulty in getting a card at either place and having both.

Do library cards cost anything?
No.  Library cards are free to anyone who can present identification with a current address.  Please see Library Card Requirements here on the web page or call (714) 288-2400 and press 2 for circulation to get details.

Do you accept employment applications for positions that are not open?
No, the City only accepts employment applications for current recruitments but you may complete a Job Interest Card. For current recruiment information please CLICK HERE.

Do you accept interest cards for employment?
Yes, you may complete a Job Interest Card.

Do you carry tax forms?
Yes. We carry the basic booklets for both the Federal and State Income Tax Returns.  Booklets and forms are put out as they are received and generally become available mid to late January.  Forms for previous years and lesser used forms can be downloaded from the official State & Federal websites.  Patrons are responsible for the cost of these printouts.

Please call the library for details at (714) 288-2410.

Do you have computers that I can use to type things on?
We have word processing computers at the Main, El Modena and Taft libraries.  You may sign up on a first come, first serve basis.  The maximum computer use time is 90 minutes per day.  The only charge is for printing, which is .15 cents a page for black and white and .60 cents a page for color.

Do you have Internet access?
Yes. Main Library has the CyberZone for Internet access.  There are 16 Internet and 3 word processing stations.  You must come in person to sign up for a station on a first-come, first-serve basis.  You may sign up for one hour at a time and there is a limit of two sessions per day.  The branch libraries each multiple Internet stations.  In addition, there are 3 stations with Internet KidZone at the Main library.  These are reserved for children's use only and sessions are limited to 30 minutes.

Do you have programs for children?
Yes!  We have many programs for children throughout the year.  Click here to go to the current program and storytime calendar or here for a list of events.  Library programs are also listed in the City publication, Our Orange.

Does Orange Public Library have a service to have materials delivered to people who are homebound and unable to get to the library?
Orange Public Library does have a homebound service.  Please click here for detailed information on this program.

How can get a copy of the City Budget?
The City Budget is available for purchase at City Hall from the Finance Department.  In addition, all City of Orange Libraries keep a copy available for viewing purposes.

The "Budget in Brief" is available for FREE at City Hall.  You can pick up your copy from either the City Clerk's Office or the Finance Department. 

How can I advertise on Channel 3, Discover Orange?
You may either contact Irma Hernandez byt phone at (714) 744-2205 or via e-mail; or you may fax the information to her at (714) 744-5147.  Please note that all requests are subject to approval/change.

How can I find out what jobs are available at the City of Orange?
Call the Job Hotline at (714) 744-7262 or click on this City Employment link.

How can I get a "Bulky Item" picked up by CR&R incorporated?
CR&R will make 2 "Bulky Item" pickups per year for each residential home. CR&R Incorporated Customer Care at (714) 372-8272.

How can I get a copy of an Orange Municipal Code Section?
To obtain a copy of an Orange Municipal Code Section, click here. 

How can I get a patch from the City of Orange Fire Department?
The City of Orange Fire Department does not fulfill requests for patches at this time. Sorry!

How can I get my Security Code?
Your Security Code can be found on your Business License Renewal Notice, under “Total Due.”
If your license expired prior to April 30, 2011, you may not have received a Security Code on your Renewal Notice. 
Call (714) 744-2270 and have ready your Business License number, and your Federal Tax ID # or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number – whichever one is normally listed on your Renewal Notice.

How can I receive visitor information about the City of Orange?
Please contact the Orange Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau. The Orange Chamber is located at 439 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, California 92866. They can be reached by telephone at (714) 538-3581 or (800) 938-0073. The website is http://www.orangechamber.com.

How do I contact the County of Orange Personnel Department?
County of Orange is a completely separate agency and not affiliated with the City of Orange.  For further information regarding the County of Orange, please refer to the information below or visit the County's website.


10 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 714-834-5627
Fax: 714-834-5520

County of Orange

How do I contact the school district in the City of Orange?
The Orange Unified School District (OUSD) serves all of Orange with K-12 instruction. OUSD may be reached at (714) 628-4000 or you may visit their website at http://www.orangeusd.k12.ca.us.

How do I find out about unemployment insurance benefits?
Contact the Employment Development Department at 1-800-300-5616 or access their website here.

How do I find out what your Library hours are?
We have listed our hours on the web page under About the Library/Hours and Locations.  You can also call the general information number at (714) 288-2400 to find out the hours of operation.

How do I go about drawing up an escape plan for my home/business?
The four basic steps to draw up an escape plan for your home includes: draw a floor-plan of your home; agree on a meeting place; practice your escape plan; and make your exit drill realistic. For a brochure on Exit Drills in the Home, call the OFD Community Relations and Education Section at (714) 288-2541.

How do I leave a message for a Council Member?
You may contact the City Council Secretary at (714) 744-2211 or email the Council at citycouncil@cityoforange.org the e-mail will go to the council secretary and she will forward it to the appropriate party.

You may also visit the City Council web page.

How do I make sure my smoke detector works?
Make sure you change the battery in your smoke detector once a year.  In the meantime, press the button on your smoke detector to make sure it works at least once a month.  If at any time your smoke detector begins to “chirp” consistently this is a signal that your battery needs to be changed.

How do I register for the City's Bid List?
The Supplier Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat format) is available in the City Departments menu under Finance> Purchasing> Bidder's List.

The application may be completed on-line, printed out and either brought or mailed to the Finance Department, 300 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA  92866.

The Supplier Registration Form may also be ordered by calling the Purchasing Division at (714) 744-2277.

How do I schedule a station tour?
Tours of the fire station are available and can be scheduled by calling our Fire Administration Office at 288-2500.  Please be able to provide the number of persons in your group, their approximate ages and any special purpose or needs associated with your visit. 

***Please note that visits may end suddenly in the event fire personnel must respond to an emergency!***

Check for Station Tour Dates

How do I sign up for the City of Orange trash service?

Please click here.

How do Redevelopment Agencies secure funds?
The state law makes available to redevelopment agencies a method of obtaining funds called "tax increment financing." On the date the city council approves a redevelopment plan, the property within the boundaries of the plan has a certain total property tax value. If this total assessed valuation increases, most of the taxes that are derived from the increase go to the redevelopment agency. These funds are called "tax increments." Usually, the flow of tax increment revenues to the agency will not be sufficient in itself to finance the full scope of redevelopment activities and development projects. Therefore, agencies issue bonds. These bonds are not a debt of the city or county and are repaid solely from tax increment revenue. Tax increments can be used only in the same project that generates them, except for residential projects, which benefit low- and moderate-income households.

How often do you recruit for a particular position?
There is no set time frame.  Recruitments are initiated depending on departmental needs.

I just got a speeding ticket! How do I get a copy of the speed zone report?
If you received a speeding ticket from one of Orange's finest and want the current speed zone information,  you may come to the Public Works counter at City Hall, or for general speed zone information call Traffic Engineering at 744-5540.

I want to get the crime statistics for the area I'm moving to.
Once you have chosen the residence you plan to move to, you may telephone Barbara Brown (714) 744-7329.

I want to report a pothole.
Call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (714) 532-6480.

Is Orange Public Library able to get books from other libraries?
Yes - We have an InterLibrary Loan service where you can get books Orange Public Library does not own.  Click here for more information.

My neighbor's tree is hanging over my yard, what can I do?
This is a private civil matter that the City has no jurisdiction over. You should try to resolve the matter by talking to your neighbor.

Of what benefit to a citizen is being in a Redevelopment Project Area?
Redevelopment is one of the most effective ways to breathe new life into deteriorated areas plagued by social, physical, environmental or economic conditions that act as a barrier to new investment by private enterprise. Through redevelopment, a project area will receive focused attention and financial investment to reverse deteriorating trends, create jobs, revitalize the business climate, rehabilitate and add to the housing stock, and gain active participation and investment by citizens which would not otherwise occur.

Procedure for filing a claim against the City of Orange.
To file a claim against the City, you must serve the claim, either by mail or personal delivery, at the City Clerk's Office, 300 East Chapman Avenue, Orange, CA  92866, within six months of the date of the incident.  You may contact the City Clerk to obtain a claim form by mail by calling (714) 744-5500.

Should I have a fire extinguisher in my home?
Fire extinguishers are not required in a residence, but are a good idea.  If you have an extinguisher, it should be placed where it is easily accessible, on the wall. There is no mandate for servicing fire extinguishers in a single family home. 

The water pressure has dropped in my neighborhood.
Contact City of Orange Water Plant at (714) 288-2475 or (714) 538-1961 for after hour emergencies.

What are City Hall Hours?
City Hall hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and on alternating Fridays.  City Hall is closed every other Friday.

Click here for the calendar schedule of closed Fridays, Holidays, and City Council Meetings.

What can I do to protect my home from wildland fires?
To protect your home from wildfires you must create a safety zone or firebreak by reducing the amount of dead or dying fuel (vegetation) around your home. This does not necessarily mean all vegetation should be removed. In fact, having fire-resistant plants and trees around your home that are properly trimmed and well watered can serve as a firebreak. For a list of things to do to protect your home from wildfires, call the Weed abatement Section at (714) 288-2543.

What do firefighters do when they are not on calls fighting fires?
Training takes up a good deal of their time when they are not on call. Firefighters are required to have at least 20 hours of emergency-related training each month. Firefighters also participate in fire safety inspections and drive the community to become familiar with the area to reduce response time during incidents. Firefighters must also check and maintain their equipment and clean and maintain their stations.

What do firefighters do when they are not responding to calls?
Training takes up a good deal of time.  Firefighters are required to have at least 20 hours of emergency related training each month.  Firefighters also perform fire safety inspections at businesses, schools and senior care facilities.  They must also check and maintain equipment, apparatus along with cleaning and maintaining their stations.

What do I do if I have a problem/question about a City tree, sewer lateral, or a public sidewalk?
If you have a question regarding any of the above, please contact the Public Works Department, Street Tree Division, (714) 532-6480.

What do I do if I want to have a Block Party?
 How to Obtain a Block Party Application

  1. Click the Block Party Application link below (this is an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, which you will need the Acrobat Reader to view). 
  2. Page 1 may be filled in online or you may print it and hand write your name, address and phone number. Page 2 is a sample for your reference only.
  3. Read the requirements outlined on the application.
  4. Print out the application.
  5. Return the application and required documents to:
    City Clerk Department, 300 E. Chapman Ave., Orange, CA 92866.
NOTE: The form may take some time to appear. Please be patient.

Block Party Application form

What happens if my trash day falls on a holiday?
If your regular trash day falls on a holiday that is observed by Waste Management of Orange, your trash will be picked up the following day.  The remainder of the week will also be picked up one day later, with Friday pick up occurring on Saturday. If you have any questions regarding trash pick up, you may contact Waste Management of Orange at 637-3010.

What is a Project Area?
A project area is the area within which actual redevelopment will take place. The project area must first go to public hearing (giving citizens who will be included in the project area a chance to express their views) after which the redevelopment agency acts on the adoption of the project area and becomes primarily responsible for future projects.

What is a Redevelopment Plan?
A redevelopment plan represents a process and a basic framework within which specific projects will be undertaken. The plan provides the agency with powers to take certain actions such as to buy and sell land within the area covered by the plan (project area), improving dilapidated facilities and to use tax increment financing.

What is Risk Management?
It is a management of the programs that serve to protect the City's assets, employees, and property.  These programs address the issues of safety, insurance, and claims management.

What is the Ride-Along-Program?

The purpose of this program is to provide authorized individuals with the opportunity to observe Fire Department routine and emergency field operations.  Fire Department personnel trained to ensure participant safety, respect emergency incident privacy rights, and proficient in Fire/Life Safety presentations will escort participants to various locations and emergency scenes within the city limits during their ride-along experience.

Eligibility:  The following individuals are eligible to participate in the program.

State or County paramedic training administrators or instructors who have a direct relationship to the field of operation that they will be observing.

  1. Physicians and Nurses authorized by the local base station hospital(s).
  2. Students referred by city school administrators.
  3. City residents or notable members of the public selected by the Fire Chief.

Please obtain the required release forms at:

Orange Fire Headquarters
176 S. Grand St.
Orange, CA 92866

What is the best thing to do for a burn?
Cool a burn with water. Do not use ointments, butter or other substances. For minor burns contact a physician. For serious burns, dial 9-1-1 immediately.

What is the difference between the City Attorney and the District Attorney?
The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council and is the attorney for the City of Orange. The City Attorney provides legal services for the Mayor, City Council, Redevelopment Agency and the various agencies, boards, commissions, committees and departments of the City of Orange. The City Attorney prosecutes violations of the Orange Municipal Code, but not any state code violations.  The District Attorney is an elected official who prosecutes state criminal laws throughout Orange County.

What is the holiday schedule for trash service?
Waste collection will not occur on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

When any of these holidays fall on a weekday, refuse and recycling collection for the remainder of the week will be delayed ONE DAY.

Contact CR&R Incorporated at (714) 372-8272 for more details.


What is the Reader Board (Ch 3)?
The City of Orange provides important information to its residents through a cable access channel (from Time Warner) which we call "Discover Orange" and can be found on Channel 3. If you would like to advertise an event that will take place in the City of Orange, please contact Irma Hernandez at (714) 744-2205.

What is the work schedule for firefighters?
Firefighters are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Currently, our department works what is called a 3/4 schedule.  This means our firefighters work a 24-hour shift every other day for five days and are then off for four days.  We have three shifts that rotate through this schedule.

What should I do during an earthquake?
If you are indoors, stay there. Get under a desk or table, or crouch down along an inside wall or hallway. If you are outdoors, get into an open area away from trees, buildings, walls and power lines. If you are driving, pull your car to the side of the road and stop. Avoid overpasses or power lines. Remain inside until shaking is over. If you are in a highrise building, stay away from windows and outside walls. Get under a table. Do not use elevators.

When and where are the City Council meetings conducted?

The City Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month starting at 6:00 p.m. The meetings are conducted in the City Council Chambers, located at City Hall, 300 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange.

When I call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency, why does an engine arrive in addition to an ambulance?
The fire department serves as the first responders for all medical emergencies. Our eight fire stations are strategically located throughout Orange so our response times have a positive effect on medical emergencies. In addition to our paramedics, the rest of our fire personnel are certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). We have a minimum of one paramedic assigned to each of our eight engine companies and on each of our three rescue ambulance crews. It is also important to remember that with any medical emergency extra hands of trained personnel are nessessary to assist with the care and moving of a patient onto a gurney.

When I go on vacation, should I let the fire department know?
Contact your local law enforcement agency when leaving for vacation. Leave an emergency number with your neighbors where you can be contacted in case the OFD must respond to an incident at your home. Also leave a key with a responsible party and let the OFD know who the party is in case we have to gain access to your home while you are gone.

When is the next Mayor and City Council election?

The City conducts Mayor and City Council elections in November of even numbered years. The next City election would be held in November 2012.

Click here for City of Orange council term dates.

When responding to a call in the “middle of the night” do the firefighters have to use the sirens even though traffic is minimal?
Yes, the state vehicle code requires that while responding Code Three, an emergency response vehicle much have all emergency lights on and the siren sounding.  A Code Three response is initiated when life, property or the environment is in immediate danger.  Some examples are chest pain, difficulty breathing, fire, hazardous materials spill, and auto accidents.)

When there is only a small fire, why do so many fire engines respond?
The standard response to a residential structure fire includes 3 engine companies, 1 truck company, 1 transportion/rescue unit and 1 Battalion Chief. If these units are not needed, they are released upon arrival. The main goal of the Orange Fire Department is to protect lives and property and this level of response is needed to accomplish this goal.

Where and how do I file a Small Claims Action?
A Small claims Action is filed at the Orange County Superior Court, 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, California.  For instructions on filing a Small Claims Action, click here.

Where are smoke alarms required in my home?
In residential dwellings, smoke alarms shall be installed in the following locations:

1. On the ceiling or wall outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms.

2.  In each room used for sleeping purposes.

3. In each story withing a dwelling unit, including basements but not including crawl spaces and uninhabitable attics.  [Call the Fire Department for information regarding split levels.]

See listing sheets included with smoke alarms at time of purchase for additional, recommended locations, as well as important and specific mounting instructions.  Read the sheet carefully to avoid installing the smoke alarm(s) in areas prone to producing false alarms.  

This information does not include the special requirements for hotels and motels (Group R-1 occupancies, institutions (Group I-4 occupancies) and care homes for bed-ridden clients (Group R 3.1 occupancies).  New construction must meet more stringent requirements, as must houses undergoing renovations exceeding $1,000 in valuation.

This information is referenced from California Fire Code (2010 ed.) Sections and 907.2.11.

Where can I bring my used sharps (needles, syringes, lancets, etc.) for disposal?
City of Orange Fire and Police stations do not accept used sharps (used needles, syringes, lancets, etc.) for disposal.  Please click here to find locations throughout California that accept used sharps for disposal.  We suggest calling the site first to confirm whether or not that location charges a fee.

Where can I get a copy of a birth certificate, marriage license information, or a death certificate?
The County Recorder of Orange County will have these documents available for you to view or obtain copies.

Where can I get a list of Special Events in Orange?
You can look at the City's Calendar of Events or you can contact the Special Events Hotline at (714) 744-7278.

Where can I get CPR classes?
Please contact the Red Cross or American Heart Association for more information.

Where can I get first aid classes?
The American Red Cross offers classes in first aid. For information, call 835-5381.

Where can I rent a large trash dumpster?
Contact CR&R Incorporated at (714) 372-8272.

Where is the Finance Department located?
The Finance Department is located in the Orange Civic Center, 300 East Chapman Ave., Orange, CA  92866. From the 55 Freeway, use the Chapman Ave. exit and proceed west on Chapman Ave. for approximately 1.2 miles. From the 57 Freeway, use the Chapman Ave. exit and proceed east on Chapman Ave. for approximately 2.2 miles.

300 E. Chapman Ave.
CA 92866

Map it

Which City Deparment is responsible for the Budget Process?
The Finance Department is responsible for the budget process.

Which Council Member handles my district?

The City of Orange Council is not assigned districts. You may contact any Councilmember to discuss an issue within any area of Orange.

Which Friday is City Hall open?
City Hall is closed every other Friday.

Who are the City's federal, state and local representatives?
 Click Here for the City's federal, state and local representatives

Who can I call about my cable bill/service?
Time Warner and Cox Communications are the service providers in Orange. Time Warner handles the majority of accounts, whereas Cox covers the east end of Orange.

Time Warner: (714) 903-4000

Cox Communications: (949) 720-2020

Who do I call for the billing of my trash pick-up service?
You can contact the City of Orange Utility Billing Department to sign up or question your trash bill.

Who do I call for trash service?
Orange's trash, recyclables and green waste are collected by CR&R Incorporated. For customer service, including cart replacement, bulky item pickups, temporary bins, or missed pickups, call CR&R Incorporated Customer Care at (714) 372-8272.

Click to View

Who do I contact if a business in Orange has defaulted in performing a requested and paid for service, and/or moved?
You can contact the Department of Consumer Affairs (213) 974-1452 or the Better Business Bureau (714) 527-0680.

Why do I have to dial 9-1-1? Can't I call the fire station direct and save time?
The 9-1-1 emergency system is designed to save valuable seconds. When you dial 9-1-1, the system routes the police or fire unit that is closest to your home. Fire stations are not properly equipped to take emergency calls and calling the station directly actually wastes response time.

Why do we have Redevelopment Projects?
The basic reason for establishing redevelopment projects is to secure funds that can be used to attract commercial, industrial, and residential development in order to eliminate blight and improve an area.

With the recent brush fires, how can I protect my home ?

Homeowners should prepare to do a thorough property inspection.  Look for sources of fire ignition and get rid of them.  For example: dried clippings from trees and/or bushes; old fire wood or lumber; dry grass or weeds; old newspaper and magazines; tree branches that extend from or onto your property; rags that have chemicals or gas or oils on them and overloaded electrical outlets should also be eliminated. Careful consideration should be taken when diposing these items.

Consider purchasing fire extinguishers rated at 2A/10BC and position them in areas within and outside of the house.

Also, during this inspection, make sure the batteries have been changed in all smoke detectors located within the home.

What should I do if I am involved in a traffic collision? Do the police need to take a report?
What should I do if I am involved in a traffic collision?  Do the police need to take a report?

What type of child seat do I need for my child?
What type of child seat do I need for my child?

I live in a neighborhood with permit parking. How do I get a parking permit?
Come to the Orange Police Department's Traffic Bureau counter, which is open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday.  Bring the following documents with you:

  • Current utility bill or lease agreement in your name
  • Current vehicle registration showing the vehicle is registered to your current residing address
  • Valid California driver's license or identification showing your current residing address
Parking RV's, trailers, or other oversized vehicles on public streets in the City of Orange is regulated by several laws.  For more information on these laws, please view the Laws Affecting Recreational and Oversized Vehicles flyer.  If you have any other questions, please contact Kelly Pagano at 714-744-7451 or kpagano@orangepd.org.

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