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Grading Manual

This Grading Manual is a part of the City of Orange Grading Ordinance. Grading Ordinance can be found in City of Orange Municipal Code Chapter 16.40.

Download 2012 Grading Manual

See Subdivision page for additional information regarding grading.

The 2012 Grading Manual replaces the 1990 Grading Manual in its entirety.

What's New in the 2012 Grading Manual

The Grading Manual was updated in its format making its layout and general regulations consistent with the County Grading Manual. This included renumbering the chapters and incorporate certain regulations not in the 1990 Grading Manual.

Procedurally, the grading plan check and inspection requirements remain mostly the same as before with some minor updates.

Here are some highlights for the 2012 update.
  • Chapter 3 Permits Required: When is a grading permit required or is not required is further clarified.
  • Chapter 4 Enforcement: This chapter is new to the Grading Manual. The procedures for work correction and work stoppage are defined. This chapter also sets the enforcement procedure controlling unpermitted gradings.
  • Chapter 5 Grading Permit Requirements: Permit expiration time of 2 years is added to Grading Permit. The former Grading Manual did not have any expiration time. Furthermore, the Grading Permit will now also expire if there is any delay or lack of grading activity. Some water quality control requirements are added. Detail discussions on dirt hauling requirements are removed because they duplicate the content in O.M.C. Chapter 10.67.030
  • Chapter 12 Asphalt Concrete Pavement: This chapter is newly added to provide specifications for parking lot paving.
  • Chapter 13 Erosion & Sediment Control and Landscaping: The chapter has been extensively revised to include water quality control regulations.
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