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Banner Permit

Where are these banners hung?

Old Towne Plaza Historic District - including 1 block north and south on Glassell St. from the Plaza; and 2 blocks east and west on Chapman Ave. from the Plaza.

Who can request to hang banners?

Banners are used to identify, promote and advertise activities for non-profit groups.

What is the definition of a non-profit group?

Non-profit groups are organizations exempt from taxes under either state or federal law. Examples of these groups are organized for fraternal, charitable, religious, educational, Chamber of Commerce, civic or social welfare purposes. (Refer to City Ordinance No. 11-98).

Who installs the banners and how long can the banners be up?

City crews will install and remove banners, and they may be hung a maximum of thirty (30) consecutive days.

What can I put on the banner?

Banners identify and promote specific events such as fundraising activities, athletic team enrollment periods, organized youth programs such as YMCA, parades, festivals and other civic events.

Who issues these permits?

The Administrative Division of the Public Works Department, 714-744-5548.

What is prohibited on banners?

Banners of a political, commercial or non-community related nature are prohibited.

When are banners installed?

Twice a month.

Is there any time of the year banners are not allowed to be hung?

Yes, there are two (2) times a year when we do not allow banners. These are the month of August, when the Street Fair banners are up; and December, when holiday decorations are up.

What is the appropriate size of a banner and where do we have them made?

Specifications of banners are shown in Standard Plan No. 416, and as noted below.

  1. 20 feet length
  2. 3 feet height
  3. 3/8" nylon rope to be sewn into top & bottom of banner. Top rope to be length of banner knotted on each end to prevent slipping. The bottom rope shall extend 28 feet beyond each end.
  4. Top of banner shall be double sewn with grommets placed at 17 inches on center and one at each end. 
  5. Banner shall be constructed of 16, 18 or 20 oz. vinyl only (no canvas).
  6. Wind relief pockets to be cut into banner.

Any sign shop advertised in the yellow pages can make your banners, following our specifications.

Is there a fee for installing banners?

The applicant pays a $200 fee for installation and removal of a banner by City staff.

What are the insurance coverage limits?

A certificate of liability insurance shall be provided at time of application providing a combined single limit of $100,000 per incident for property damage and $500,000 per person per incident and for bodily injury. The City is to be declared additional insured under the terms of the policy. A policy endorsement to that effect shall be provided.

Can banners be used more than once?

Yes, if you tell your sign shop that you will be reusing the banner they can use removable vinyl lettering. When cleaning banners, use a soft nylon or plastic-bristled brush and "Simple Green" cleaning solution. When storing your banner after an event please take the time to check the condition of hooks and ropes, so the next time it is to be used you won't experience any delays with repairs prior to installation.

Permit Application

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Banner Permit.

If you have any questions, please call the Public Works Department at 714.744-5548 or email BANNERS.
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