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City Council SSMP Certification

City Council minutes approval of SSMP 

Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

The City of Orange's Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) implements programs to minimize the discharge of FOG, avoid sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), and maintain the sanitary sewer infrastructure within the City.

An internal audit was conducted in 2011.  Click here to see the 2011 SSMP Audit Report.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacement Plan
The City of Orange's Sanitary Sewer rehabilitation and replacement program to assess deficiencies and identify the process for implementing improvements.
FOG Program

A description of the City's FOG program including ordinances, agreements and forms.

Statewide Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR) {Order No. 2006-0003}
The State of California’s 2006 General Waste Discharge Requirements for Sanitary Sewer Systems, and any subsequent amendments (2008 and 2013), contain regulations that govern the City's sanitary sewer collection system.

Orange Municipal Code (OMC)
The City of Orange's municipal code containing the regulatory, penal and certain administrative ordinances of the City. The codes relevant to the Sewer System within the City can be found in Title 13 Public Utilities, II. - Sewer System.

FOG Ordinance
The information relevant to the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) program within the City.  The Ordinance includes information, requirements and prohibitions for food service establishments, including grease interceptor maintenance.

Additional materials and information on the program can be found on the information and/or public education pages of this website.
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