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Organizational Structure

The Public Works Department includes the Administration Office plus four Divisions:


The Administration Office coordinates all departmental programs, prepares and tracks budgetary activities and develops quarterly reports.

This office also administers solid waste management programs, oversees the maintenance management system, and advocates legislative issues related to Public Works.

Administrative Secretary: (714) 744-5545

Solid Waste and Recycling: (714) 744-5551

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides the following engineering related functions:

Design: This section is responsible for the design of most of the City’s major infrastructure improvements including streets, sewers, storm drains, and buildings.

Construction Management: Once contracts are awarded, this section manages and inspects active construction projects, verifying that projects are built to the required specifications.

Development Services: This section provides engineering services for public and private improvements, issuing permits for grading and encroachments, checking plans, and assuring conformance with requirements for public improvements including streets, alleys, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, sewers and storm drains.

Encroachment Permit: Plan check and approval of all street cut, driveway, utility permits.

Environmental / Water Quality: Enforcement of current water quality regulations. Review and site inspection of water quality, storm water runoff.

Real Property: This section manages the acquisition and sale of City properties, easements and rights-of-way.

Geographic Information Systems: This section maintains infrastructure databases and public works records. This information is available to builders, contractors, developers and the general public.

General Calls: (714) 744-5525

Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the City’s roadways, sidewalks, sewer and storm drain systems, as well as being responsible for fleet, facilities, street sweeping, parkway trees, and sanitation code enforcement. Additionally, the Maintenance Division oversees the Graffiti and Abandoned Shopping Cart Removal programs.

General Calls: (714) 532-6480

Street Tree Services: (714) 532-6470

Trash & Recycling Services: CR&R Customer Care: (714) 372-8272

Graffiti Hotline: (714) 744-7279

Abandoned Shopping Cart Hotline: (800) 252-4613

After Hours Emergencies: (714) 538-1961

Traffic Engineering, Operations, and Transportation Division

This division combines traffic engineering and traffic field operations. Traffic Engineering designs, analyzes and plans for traffic capacities and safe traffic movement throughout the City. Traffic Operations designs, constructs and maintains various facilities including traffic signals, streetlights, roadway striping, traffic control signs and pavement markers.

Traffic Engineering: (714) 744-5536

To report Traffic Signal or Street Light Operating Problems: (714) 744-5536

After Hours Emergencies: (714) 538-1961

Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for providing a clean, safe, potable water supply to the City of Orange. The Division designs, constructs, and maintains wells, water lines, booster pumps and reservoirs that serve the residents and businesses with water for domestic use and for fire protection.

Utility Billing Questions (Finance Department): (714) 744-2233

General Calls: (714) 288-2475

After Hours Emergencies: (714) 538-1961

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