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False Alarm Unit


What is a FALSE ALARM?

False Alarm means an alarm signal to which police respond, or are summoned to respond, but where a hazardous condition does not exist.


Hazardous Condition means an event(s) or occurrence(s), which is indicative of a robbery, burglary or other condition which poses a hazard or threat to persons or property and for which the alarm system is intended to detect or alert.

Is a PERMIT required to operate an alarm system in the City of Orange?

Yes. The Alarm User's Permit is a document containing pertinent information about the alarmed premises and is required by the Chief of Police. The Alarm User's Permit shall be obtained from the City of Orange before utilizing the alarm system.

Is anyone EXEMPT from paying an Alarm Permit Fee?

Yes. Persons applying for an Alarm User's Permit for a residential alarm system, who are sixty-five (65) years of age or over, a governmental entity, or a public school district shall be exempt from paying a permit fee but will otherwise comply with all other false alarm fees.

Are there FEES for false alarm calls?

Alarm users are allowed two (2) false alarm calls in a 365-day period. After that, service fees shall be in the amount of $75 on the third false alarm, $100 on the fourth false alarm and $125 on each subsequent false alarm.

Are there any EXCEPTIONS to paying for False Alarm calls?

If the alarm user can show that any false alarm was the result of conditions beyond his control and not the result of negligence of himself or employees, such a false alarm shall not be deemed a "false alarm". OMC 9.04.060 3a.

Additional information is available by calling the Alarm Unit at (714) 744-7325.

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