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Employment Information

How to Apply:

You may access the City's employment application on line, or you may call the job hotline at 714-744-7262. Completed City application materials must be filed with the Personnel Services Department by the final filing date specified on the Job flyer. Please allow 7 business days for your application to reach you. Applications will NOT be mailed 7 days prior to the closing date of the recruitment. Separate application materials must be filed for each job classification. Please give the complete and exact job title as it appears on the job flyer; answer all questions and furnish all information requested on the official job application. Resumes and other unsolicited materials will not be considered in lieu of information requested on the application and/or supplemental forms unless otherwise stated. Applications may be obtained between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (Mondays through Fridays - closed every other Friday).

City of Orange Application Tip Sheet
Did you know that your application form is your first test with the City of Orange? How you complete your application can assist you in the selection process to determine your qualifications for an interview or other related recruitment activities. A completed application is your key to viable competition for any recruitment. The following tips have been designed to help you do your best as you compete for a position with the City of Orange.

1. Read the job flyer/announcement carefully before you complete the application form. Many people ignore this requirement and later perform poorly in the oral interview stage because they are not familiar with the requirements for the position. Also, reading the job announcement will help you to determine if the particular job fits your qualifications and experience.

2. Always complete the application in full. Do not leave sections calling for job skills and work experience blank. If you decide to leave portions of the application blank, this may disqualify you from the selection process. Personnel staff are not permitted to assume facts about you from your job title alone.You need to briefly outline/list skills and experience that relate to the position for which you are applying.

3. Always sign and date your application. Failure to sign and date your application may result in your application being rejected from further consideration. Your signature and date confirms that the information you have provided is true and accurate to the best of your ability.

4. Unless specifically requested, please do not attach copies of licenses, degrees, certificates, transcripts, performance evaluations, training certificates, reference letters, etc. If this information is needed to fully assess your qualifications, just list it in the appropriate place on the application.

5. Do not use resumés as a short cut to completing the job application. Leaving the application form blank with the statement “see resumé” is strongly discouraged. This reveals that the applicant has failed to follow basic instructions. If you run out of space on the application, complete as much information as possible on the application and then attach an additional application, a separate document, or resumé listing your additional skills or experience. Resumés and/or other ‘extra’ information do not serve in lieu of an application.

6. Complete the application neatly. Applications that are soiled, torn, or messy make an application illegible and may lead to disqualification. Failure to present a neatly written, printed or typed application could jeopardize your chances of moving forward to participate in the selection process.

7. If you are invited to participate in a test or job interview, please allow yourself at least ten to fifteen minutes of time ahead of your scheduled appearance. Allowing some extra time gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for the test or interview without the additional stress of being rushed. Please do not show up late for any appointment. Should you have problems or concerns regarding the testing or scheduled interview date, please call Personnel at (714) 744-7255.

8. Dress appropriately. To create a favorable impression, be sure to come to your interview neatly groomed and appropriately dressed. Your clothes say a lot about you. Employers will generally assume they are seeing you at your best. If you are not looking your best, they may wonder how much worse it can get! A good rule of thumb is to know what the typical dress norms are for the organization, and dress one step above that. Generally, you’ll want to dress conservatively.

Please do not send us your application or resume via e-mail. However, we are planning on allowing for applications to be submitted online in the future.

Employment Benefits

The City provides a wide variety of fringe benefit programs including PERS retirement, health insurance, paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave, tuition reimbursement, life & disability insurances, etc.

Selection Procedures

An Eligibility List containing names of successful candidates will be compiled based on the results of the examination process. Unless exhausted or canceled sooner, eligibility lists are valid for a period of one year.

Offers of Employment are made only after interviews are conducted by the Department in which the vacancy exists. Names of candidates on eligibility lists are provided to the Department, which has the option to interview and appoint to fill the vacancy. Those not selected remain on the eligibility list until it expires.

A Medical Examination, Police Records Check, and thorough Background Investigation are required of all prospective employees.

A Probationary Period of twelve months must be completed by each employee. The probationary period shall be 26 pay periods.

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