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Successor Agency to the Former Orange Redevelopment Agency
On December 29, 2011, the California Supreme Court ruled that ABX 126, the Redevelopment Dissolution Act, constitutional. This decision means that all redevelopment agencies in the State of California were dissolved as of February 1, 2012

As provided for under the new law, each city may choose to form a Successor Agency for the purposes of winding down the affairs of the previous Redevelopment Agency.  Additionally, an Oversight Board, constituted by appointed members, would also be formed to oversee the activities of the newly created Successor Agency.

On January 10, 2012, the City of Orange City Council voted to form a Successor Agency for the former Orange Redevelopment Agency. All of the assets, properties, contracts, leases and records of the former Orange Redevelopment Agency have been transferred to the Successor Agency. The Successor Agency is responsible for overseeing and winding down the remaining legal and contractual obligations of the agency.

(Please scroll to bottom of page for Successor Agency BoardAgendas and Minutes.)

For more information about the former Orange Redevelopment Agency, click here.

Successor Agency Oversight Board
The Successor Agency to the Orange Redevelopment Agency is subject to an Oversight Board which has fiduciary responsibilities to the holders of enforceable obligations and the taxing entities that benefit from distributions of property tax and other revenue.

The Orange Successor Agency Oversight Board Members:

Mayor Carolyn V. Cavecche, Chair           City of Orange

Patricia “Pat” Buttress, Vice-Chair            Orange County Board of Supervisors Representative

Michael L. Christensen                            County Superintendent of Education Representative

Douglass S. Davert                                 Orange County Sanitation District

Gary Remland                                        Orange County Board of Supervisors Representative

Aaron Schulze                                        Former Redevelopment Agency Employee   Representative

Phillip E. Yarbrough                                Chancellor of California Community Colleges Representative

Successor Agency Executive Director, John Sibley, City Manager of Orange.

Oversight Board of the Successor Agency to the Orange Redevelop
Section UL
 Administrative Budget ROPS 14-15A (161.3 KB)
 Administrative Budget ROPS 14-15b (158.6 KB)
 ROPS 14-15B Reports (8.65 MB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 03-21
Section UL
 032112_Staff Report 4.2_Selection of Chairperson (49 KB)
 031212_Staff Report 4.4_Overview of AB X1 26 (106.7 KB)
 031212_Staff Report 4.5_DDA with FHA LP (4.87 MB)
 031212_Staff Report 4.5_IROPS (602.6 KB)
 032112_OB Agenda (20.4 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 04-11
Section UL
 041112_OB Agenda (26.2 KB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.1_Adoption of Bylaws (Reso No. OB-0001) (482.7 KB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.2_Conflict of Interest Code (Reso No. OB-0002) (240.4 KB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.3_ROPS 2 (Reso No. OB-0003) (219.5 KB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.4_Sovereign Grace Church Lease (2.27 MB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.4_Sovereign Grace Church Lease (206.7 KB)
 041112_Staff Report 4.6_Third Amendment with CAM Services (261.7 KB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 041112 Meeting DOF Revised Approval of IROPS and ROPS2 dated July 2012.pdf (138.3 KB)
 041112 Meeting_DOF Approval of IROPS and ROPS 2_(Reso No. OB-0003 and 0005). (53.7 KB)
 041112 Meeting_DOF Determination Letter for Housing DDR (Nov 2012) (63.3 KB)
 041112 Meeting_DOF Meet and Confer Letter re Housing DDR (Dec 2012) (102.1 KB)
 041112 Meeting_DOF Revised Approval of IROPS and ROPS 2_(Reso No. OB-0003 and 0005) (112.3 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 05-09
Section UL
 050912_Minutes (431.9 KB)
 050912_Staff Report 4.1_Powerpoint (5.41 MB)
 050912_OB Agenda (133.3 KB)
 050912_Staff Report 4.1_Attorney Services Agreement with RWG (509.8 KB)
 050912_Staff Report 4.1_Overview of Real Property Assets (760.2 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 05-30
Section UL
 053012_Minutes (532.4 KB)
 053012_OB Agenda (694.9 KB)
 053012_Staff Report 4.1_Second Amendment to IROPS (Reso No. OB-0005) (1.46 MB)
 053012_Staff Report 4.2_Contract with West Coast Arborist (7.42 MB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 08-15
Section UL
 081512_Minutes (1013.5 KB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.5_Agreement with Lance, Soll & Lunghard (Reso No. OB-0009) (4.49 MB)
 081512_OB Agenda (892.4 KB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.1_Overview of AB 1484 (252.3 KB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.2_ROPS 3 (Reso No. OB-0006) (5.07 MB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.3_Attorney Services Agreement with KBB (Reso No. OB-0007) (2.83 MB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.4_Beach Pit BBQ (Reso No. OB-0008) (11.23 MB)
 081512_Staff Report 4.6_Update leasing activity at South Grand and Royer (563.1 KB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 081512 Meeting_DOF approval of ROPS 3 (Reso No. OB-0006) (92.8 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 10-03
Section UL
 100312_OB Agenda (114.3 KB)
 100312_Staff Report 4.1_Housing DDR (Reso No. OB-0010) (12.36 MB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 10-10
Section UL
 101012_Minutes (152 KB)
 101012_OB Agenda (134.9 KB)
 101012_Staff Report 4.1_Contract with Nieves Landscape (Reso No. OB-0013) (6.55 MB)
 101012_Staff Report 4.1_Housing DDR (Reso No. OB-0011) (13.28 MB)
 101012_Staff Report 4.2_Cooperative Agreement with OCTA (Reso No. OB-0012) (1.63 MB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 101012 Meeting_DOF Meet and Confer Letter for Housing DDR (Reso No. OB-0011). (102.1 KB)
 101012 Meeting_DOF Meet and Confer Letter for Housing DDR (Reso No. OB-0011). (102.1 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 11-14
Section UL
 111412_Minutes (104.5 KB)
 111412_OB Agenda (123.1 KB)
 111412_Staff Report 4.1_Award Contract to Kabbara Engineering (Reso No. OB-0014) (12.5 MB)
 111412_Staff Report 4.2_Award Contract for Reslurry (Reso No. OB-0015) (1.82 MB)
 111412_Staff Report 4.3_ First Amendment with RWG (Reso No. OB-0016) (2.03 MB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 111412 Meeting_DOF approval of Reso No. OB-0014, 0015 and 0016 (29.3 KB)
2012 Oversight Board Meeting – 12-12
Section UL
 121212_Minutes (89 KB)
 121212_OB Agenda (118.3 KB)
 121212_Staff Report 4.1_Award Contract to Integrity Automated Solutions (Reso No. OB-0017) (6.43 MB)
 121212_Staff Report 4.2_Award Contract for Letner Roofing (Reso No. OB-0018) (1.48 MB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 01-02
Section UL
 010213_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR (Reso No. OB-0019) (103.7 KB)
 010213_OB Agenda (136.9 KB)
 010213_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR_ROPS1 Attachment (1.79 MB)
 010213_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR_ROPS2 Attachment (1.81 MB)
 010213_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR_ROPS3 Attachment (3.34 MB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 01-10
Section UL
 011013_Minutes (509.5 KB)
 011013_OB Agenda (145.7 KB)
 011013_Staff Report 4.1 (2.4 MB)
 011013_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR (Reso No. OB-0020) (1.73 MB)
 011013_Staff Report 4.2_ Agreement with Tierra West Advisors (Reso No. OB-0021 (9.83 MB)
 011013_Staff Report 4.3_ Contract with Azteca Landscape (Reso No. OB-0022 (6.86 MB)
 010213_Staff Report 4.1_ Other Funds DDR (Reso No. OB-0019) (6.56 MB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 011013 Meeting_DOF approval of Reso No. OB-0021 and 0022 (27.5 KB)
 011013 Meeting_DOF Letter re Other Funds DDR (April 2013) (559.6 KB)
 011013 Meeting_DOF Meet and Confer Letter for DDR (May 2013). (438.1 KB)
 011013 Meeting_DOF Revised Meet and Confer Letter for DDR (July 2013) (149.3 KB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 02-27
Section UL
 022713_Minutes (174.8 KB)
 022713_OB Agenda (162.6 KB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.2 (1.05 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.3 (1.8 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.4 (1.88 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.5 (6.84 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.6 (8.24 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.7 (6.23 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 3.8_ Agreement with KBB (Reso No. OB-0029) (2.79 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 4.1_ ROPS 13-14A (Reso No. OB-0030) (4.6 MB)
 022713_Staff Report 5.1_ Housing Asset Transfer (Reso No. OB-0031) (1.43 MB)
DOF Notifications
Section UL
 022713 Meeting DOF approval of Reso No. OB-0031 (22.6 KB)
 022713 Meeting DOF approval of ROPS 13-14A (Reso No. OB-0030) (970.8 KB)
 022713 Meeting DOF Meet and Confer Letter for ROPS 13-14A (Reso No. OB-0030) (614.8 KB)
 022713 Meeting_DOF approval of Orange Housing Asset Transfer (27.8 KB)
 022713 Meeting_DOF approval of Reso No. OB-0028 (279.3 KB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 04-10
Section UL
 041013_Minutes (76 KB)
 041013_OB Agenda (145.9 KB)
 041013_Staff Report 3.2_ Agreement with United Security Access (Reso No. OB-0032) (3.53 MB)
 041013_Staff Report 3.3_ Award Contract for Reslurry (Reso No. OB-0033) (241.5 KB)
 041013_Staff Report 3.3_ Grant utility easement to Time Warner (Reso No. OB-0033) (407.6 KB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 05-15
Section UL
 051513_Minutes (42.6 KB)
 051513_OB Agenda (143.2 KB)
 051513_Staff Report 3.2_ Agreement with Aramexx (Reso No. OB-0028) (1.43 MB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 07-24
Section UL
 072413_Minutes (118.7 KB)
 072413_OB Agenda (166.1 KB)
 072413_Staff Report 3.2_ Reimbursement Agreement with City (Reso No. OB-0035) (575.1 KB)
 072413_Staff Report 3.3_ Second Amendment to RWG (Reso No. OB-0036) (366.7 KB)
 072413_Staff Report 4.1_ Transfer of Governmental Use Properties (Reso No. OB-0037, Reso No. OB-0038 and Reso No. OB-0039) (836.9 KB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 09-25
Section UL
 Oversight Board Preliminary Action Mnutes 092513 (119.3 KB)
 092513_Staff Report 3.2_Azteca Landscape_(Reso No. OB-0040) (551.4 KB)
 092513_Staff Report 3.3_Admendment No. 3 to Coop. Agmt. C-9-0243 (Reso No. OB-0041) (477.7 KB)
 092513_Staff Report 4.1_ROPS 13-14B (Reso No. OB-0042) (7.16 MB)
2013 Oversight Board Meeting – 12-11
Section UL
 Oversight Board Preliminary Action Mnutes 121113 (107.9 KB)
 Oversight Board\121113_Minutes (107.3 KB)
 121113_OB Item 4.2_Loan Reimbursement Agreement. (804.8 KB)
 121113_OB Item 4.3_Royer and South Grand Status Report. (327.4 KB)
 121113_OB Agenda_FINAL (152.8 KB)
 121113_OB Item 3.2_Azteca Landscape (1.14 MB)
 121113_OB Item 3.3_Nieves Landscape (1.16 MB)
 121113_OB Item 3.4_West Coast Arborist (1.35 MB)
 121113_OB Item 3.5_OB Reconsideration for OCTA Extension (611.7 KB)
 121113_OB Item 4.1_Chapman CBC LLC (837.7 KB)
2014 Oversight Board Meeting – 02-12
Section UL
 021214_OB Agenda_revised FINAL (147.6 KB)
 021214_OB Item 3.2_Agreement with Tierra West Advisors (Reso No. OB-0049) (3.25 MB)
 021214_OB Item 3.3_Agreement with CAM Services (Reso No. OB-0050) (5.12 MB)
 021214_OB Item 4.1_Approval of ROPS_July thru Dec 2014 (Reso No. OB-0051) (7.98 MB)
 021214_OB Item 4.2_Cooperative Agreement No. C-3-2065 RE Metrolink Parking (2.78 MB)
2014 Oversight Board Meeting – 04-09
Section UL
 Oversight Board Draft Action Minutes 040914 (41.2 KB)
 040914_Architects Orange Lease_Item 4.1 (Reso No. OB-0053).pdf (51.7 KB)
 040914_OB Agenda_revised FINAL (2).pdf (135.5 KB)
 040914_Staff Report 4.1_Architects Orange Lease.pdf (736.2 KB)
2014 Oversight Board Meeting – 06-11
Section UL
 061114 OB Draft Action Minutes (609.9 KB)
 061114_OB Agenda_revised FINAL (143.5 KB)
 061114_OB Item 4.1_2014 Bond Refunding (236.3 KB)
 061114_OB Item 4.1_2014 Bond Refunding (Reso OB-0054) (198.1 KB)
 061114_OB Item 4.2_OCTA Coop Agmt (69.6 KB)
 061114_OB Item 4.2_OCTA Coop Agmt (Reso OB-0055) (54.4 KB)
2014 Oversight Board Meeting – 09-10
Section UL
 Oversight Board Draft Action Minutes 091014 (114.4 KB)
 091014 OB SAORA Agenda (906.3 KB)
 091014 OB SAORA Item 4.1 (4.85 MB)
 091014 OB SAORA Item 4.2 (1.99 MB)
 091014 ROPS 14-15B Reports (8.65 MB)
 091014 SA ADmin Budget FY 14/15 ROPS 14-15B (405.2 KB)
2014 Oversight Board Meeting - 12-03
Section UL
 Oversight Board Draft Action Minutes 120314 FINAL (40.9 KB)
 120314 OB SAORA Agenda (136.9 KB)
 120314 OB SAORA Item 4.1 (10.64 MB)
2015 Oversight Board Meeting - 02-11
Section UL
 Oversight Board Draft Action Minutes 021115 (25.4 KB)
 021115_OB Agenda (FINAL) (30 KB)
 021115a_NelsonCommercialCenter_Item 3.2 (21.1 KB)
 021115b_Nieves_Item 3.3 (28.8 KB)
 021115c_WCA_Item 3.4 (29 KB)
 021115d_Azteca_Item 3.5 (28.5 KB)
 021115e_ROPS 15-16A_Item 4.1 (13.48 MB)
2015 Oversight Board Meeting - 09-09
Section UL
 090915_OB Agenda (FINAL) (29.8 KB)
 090915a_Oversight Board Chair selection_Item 4.1 (17.4 KB)
 090915b_ROPS 15-16B_Item 4.2 (60.5 KB)
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