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Instructions for Kindle Fire

To start the process, please make sure you are on the Home screen by clicking on the
  Home button.
In the upper right of the screen you will see the Settings icon.
It looks like a circular gear.  Touch this icon.

Next select the option that says “More.”

In the next screen, you should see a list of options.  Select the option for “Device.”
Please note that you may need to scroll the screen up to find it.

In the next screen, select “ON” for the option to
“Allow Installation of Applications for Unknown Sources.”
*Please remember to set this option back to “off” when finished.

Next it is time to download the app.  Go back to the Kindle Fire’s home screen.  
Then click on the tab at the top right for “Web.”

Next type in the following URL: http://bits.blioreader.com/update

When the page loads, you will see several file options to click on.
Choose the link named KNFB Blio 3.0.3 PROD.apk

After you do this, you should see a number in the upper left of the Kindle Fire.  Touch this area.

Next you should see the KNFB Blio 3.0.3 PROD.apk downloading.

Once the orange bar finishes going to the right, the download is complete.
Touch where it says “KNFB Blio 3.0.3 PROD.apk, Download Complete.”

The next screen will list the permissions the app requires.
Click on the word “Install” in the grey area under the permissions.

You should then see a line that says “Installing.”

After it finishes it will say “Application Installed.”  Click “Done” at the bottom of the screen.

Next press the Home button on the Kindle Fire to go back to the home screen.  
Next Launch the Blio app. 
You should see the icon for Blio in your carousel at the home page.  Touching this icon will start up the app.  Blio can also be found and opened from the Apps menu.
Log in with your Blio ID.  Blio will synch with your Book Shelf and bring in purchased titles and borrowed items from Axis 360.
For more information on how to operate a Kindle Fire device, click here.
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