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eBook Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eBook / digital book?

It is a digital version of a print title that can be downloaded to your PC, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone. To read digital books, you need to install the Blio free reader software. Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy digital books without being connected to the Internet.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, all you need is your Orange Public Library card number and PIN (8-digit birthdate)

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Step-by-step directions for working with digital books are available here.  A good starting point is the “Magic Wall” link.

What eBook Readers are compatible with Blio?

Compatible devices include the Kindle Fire, Apple iPad/iPod/iTouch, Android, Nook, Kobo, and Sony eReader.  Information for each device is available here.

How long can I keep an eBook?

EBooks can be held for two weeks (14 days).  They are then “returned” automatically to the library and removed from your device.

Can I renew eBooks?

Titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again after they expire if they are still available. 

How do I put an eBook on Hold?

From the "Magic Wall" page, click on the book cover of the title you want.  If the screen shows that the number Available is 0 (zero), click on the green words in the lower right corner that read: Add Hold.

If you have not already logged in with your library card number and birth date, you will be prompted to do so. Once you have logged in and "Added" a Hold, you will be presented with a confirmation notice on the screen. Please make sure the email address shown is correct. You will be notified via email when your eBook is available, with a direct link to the item from within the email. IMPORTANT: You will have 2 days to check out the eBook, once you have been notified.

To remove a hold:

  • Log in to the "Magic Wall" with your library card number and birth date.
  • Click on "My Lists" in the upper right hand corner.
  • Click on "Hold Queue" in the upper left hand corner.
  • Click on "Remove" near the right hand corner.
  • A confirmation will show up on the screen.

How do I search for an eBook?

The easiest way is to search through this "Magic Wall" page.

How do I limit my search to only show eBooks that are currently available?

From the "Magic Wall" page, click on the check mark icon in the upper left corner.
The icon will turn green when activated.
The "Magic Wall" will now refresh and display only titles with available copies for checkout.

How do I return an eBook early?

All Apple, Windows and Android devices using the Blio formatClick Here.
All Nook, Kobo, and Sony eReaders using the ePub/PDF formatClick Here.

Why can't I see the eBook after I check it out?

eBooks have to be checked out from the "Magic Wall", then downloaded to your device. Look for a button on your screen that reads either Download now, or Sync, or Get Books. If you do not find any of these commands or if they fail to solve the problem, we recommend you log out of the application (Blio, Axis 360 or Adobe) and log back in. If that also fails to produce your eBook, we recommend you turn your device off and restart it.

Who do I call if I need help?

During Library hours you can call the Adult Reference Desk (714-288-2410) and ask a Librarian for assistance.

Why doesn’t the library have the title I want?

All books are not yet available for eReaders at this time.  Also, budgetary restrictions prevent OPL from ordering all new titles as they are published. 

Can I recommend a title for purchase?

A Suggestion/Hold form can be filled out at the Library’s Reference desk for any title.  This will be passed on for consideration for future purchase.

Can I lend an eBook to someone else?

While some eReaders do allow users to ‘lend’ books to others, this is not allowed on eBooks borrowed from OPL.  You can, however, recommend our eBooks to your friends and they can place the book on Hold for themselves.

Are there other free eBook sites available?

Yes, click here to see a list of free eBook sites compiled by the library.

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