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Instructions for Nook, Kobo, & Sony eReaders

1.  Before you checkout an ePub/PDF format title from Axis 360 you must have the Adobe Digital Editions loaded on your PC.  If you have not loaded Adobe Digital Editions, please go here:  http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html.  These instructions are for Adobe Digital Editions version 2.0.
2.  Once your download is completed you may go back to OPL's Axis 360 webpage to check-out a book.  After you click on the title you want to checkout, you will see the pop-up window that gives you the option to choose a format.

Click on the radio button for ePub and click on “Checkout Now”.
3.  You will see the pop-up that asks for your Library Card ID and PIN.  Fill in the blanks and click on “Login”

4.  You will receive a message that tells you the book has been successfully checked out.  Click on “OK”

5.  Please click on the underlined “Download” to start the download process to Adobe Digital Editions.

6.  Click on the "Open" button.

7.  Then you will see the  ebook downloading into Adobe Digital Editions

8.  When the downloading is complete, Adobe Digital Editions will open and your eBook will be ready to read on your PC.


9.  To download the eBook to your Nook, Color Nook, Sony or Kobo eReader, plug your device into your computer.  Once the device has been recognized by your computer, start Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.  Digital Editions automatically detects the presence of your device.

After connection, your device appears in the library section.  Transfer your eBook by either dragging it to your device, or right-click on the cover -> Copy to Computer/Device -> left-click on your device .  You can read books that are on your device or your own computer.

Note: Do not disconnect the device while transferring library items to or from your computer.

10.  To return your ebook before it is due, close the ebook by clicking on the word “Library” in the top left corner.

11.  Then right-click on top of your ebook jacket and pull down “Return Borrowed Item”. 

 You will receive a message, “Are you sure you want to return this item?”  Click “Return”

Your item will then be deleted from your bookshelf and be returned to the Axis 360 collection.
Click here for more detailed information regarding your eReader:
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