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Policy: Children in the library

Niños en la Biblioteca

Adopted by Orange Public Library Board of Trustees on May 21, 2001
Revised & Adopted: 11/16/2009; 1/27/2014; 7/21/2014

The Orange Public Library provides children and families an inviting and fun place to visit, to develop a love of books, reading and libraries.

To help achieve that goal, disruptive and inappropriate behavior by library users of any age, including children, may result in that person being asked to leave the building on a short-term or long-term basis.

It is the responsibility of parents, guardians and caregivers to ensure their child’s safety, welfare and behavior while in the library. Library staff members are not responsible for the direct supervision, safety, or welfare of any child.

While in the library, the following rules & guidelines apply:

  • Children age 7 or younger must not be left unattended anywhere within the library, including while on the computers. Children ages 8-12 may be in a different area of the library than their parent/guardian or caregiver (age 13 or older), as long as the parent/guardian/caregiver remains in the building at all times.
  • Children age 12 or younger that are left alone in the library will be asked to call a parent to pick them up immediately.
  • Adults and teens should be accompanied by a child age 12 or younger while in the Children’s Library, including the Children’s Courtyard, Steve Ambriz Storytime Room, and the computers in the Children’s area.
  • The Orange Police Department may be called to handle disruptive minors, inappropriate or threatening behavior, or to assist with unattended children, particularly after library service hours.
  • Staff will call 9-1-1 for assistance in all medical emergency cases.
  • Library staff may not take a child away from the library for any reason.
  • All children who visit the library with organized groups (including, but not limited to: school or preschool classes, day care groups, camp groups, Scouts, etc.) must be accompanied and adequately supervised by a responsible adult (other than library staff) to ensure their safety, welfare, and appropriate behavior while in the library.
  • Library Rules of Conduct Policy.
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