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Using Our Library Catalog

  • In the 'Search for' box, type in the name of the President you're researching.
  • Click on 'Subject'.  Wait for search results to come up on the screen.  Use the scroll bar to move to a title you are interested in.
  • Click on 'Details' to see whether the item is available at this library.
  • Click on 'Go Back' to see another item from the results list.  Items that have Dewey Decimal numbers with a J are located in the Children's aisles.

Individual biographies of each U.S. President are shelved alphabetically by the President's last name in the Juvenile Biography (JB) section.

Reminder:  You may only check out 3 books per President.

Click here to go to the library catalog.


J 031 WOR - World Book Encyclopedia
J 324.0973 SOB - Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts
J 324.63 QUI - The Presidency
J 352.23 JAK - What Does the President Do?
J 353.0313 JUD - The Presidency of the United States
J 923.099 RUB - Scholastic Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times
J 923.1 BEA - Charles A. Beard's The Presidents in American History
J 973.009 BAR - Presidents
J 973.009 BLA - Look-it-up Book of Presidents
J 973.932 PRE - President Obama:  A Day in the Life of America's Leader
J 975.3 FIR - The White House
Fun Books About Presidents

J 636.088 DAV - Wackiest White House Pets
J 920.073 BLU - The White House Kids
J 923.1 CAU - Pets of the Presidents
J 973.099 SAI - So You Want To Be President
J 975.3 BEL - Who's Haunting the White House?  The President's Mansion and the Ghosts Who Live There
J 973.099 OCO - If the Walls Could Talk:  Family Life at the White House



American Presidents:  Life Portraits

History.com:  The U.S. Presidents

The History Place:  Presidential Portraits

National Archives:  Presidential Libraries

PBS Kids:  Presidents - The Secret History

POTUS:  Presidents of the United States

USA.gov:  Federal Executive Branch

The White House:  Presidents

Project Tips

Step 1

Look for resources.  Focus on using books, including encyclopedias.  It's also a great idea to look up your President on the Internet using websites like those listed in this Homework Helper to gather information for your report.

Step 2

Decide how you will organize your report.  You may begin with a title page and a short summary of the President's childhood and then get more specific with information about the President's education, family and political career.

Step 3

Double check your assignment to make sure that you have followed all of your teacher's guidelines.  This is very important!  Much of your grade depends on simply following the assignment directions.  Make changes as needed.

Step 4

Have a parent, or other adult, read your report and check for errors.  You may also use spell-check on the computer before printing out the final copy.  Turn it in on time to get the best grade!

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