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Using Our Library Catalog

  • In the 'Search for' box, type in what you are searching for (i.e. Ancient China).
  • Click on 'Title'. Wait for search results to come up on the screen. Use the scroll bar to move to a title you are interested in.
  • Click on 'Details' to see whether the item is available at this library.
  • Click on 'Go Back' to see another item from the results list. Items that have Dewey Decimal numbers with a J are located in the Children's aisles.

Click here to go to the library catalog.

Books on individual civilizations are located in the Children's aisles as follows:

  • J 930 - Ancient Civilizations
  • J 931 - Ancient China
  • J 932 - Ancient Egypt
  • J 935 - Ancient Mesopotamia
  • J 937 - Ancient Rome
  • J 938 - Ancient Greece
  • J 960 - Ancient Africa
  • J 970.3 - Anasazi, Aztec, Maya
  • J 985.019 - Ancient Inca


J 930 BRU - Ancient World
J 930 EVE - Everyday Life in the Ancient World
J 930.03 EXP - Exploring  Ancient Civilizations, Volumes 1-11
J 931 ALL - Ancient China
J 931 BJO - Projects About Ancient China
J 931 CHA - Life in Ancient China
J 932 BAN - Living in Ancient Egypt
J 932 ENG - Top 10 Worst Things About Ancient Egypt You Wouldn't Want to Know!
J 932 PEM - Atlas of Ancient Egypt
J 935 HUN - Ancient Mesopotamia
J 935 NAR - Peoples and Empires of Ancient Mesopotamia
J 935 SCH - How'd They Do That in Ancient Mesopotamia
J 937 BAN - Living in Ancient Rome
J 937 FRA - Projects About Ancient Rome
J 937 IFI - If I Were a Kid in Ancient Rome
More Books

J 938 BRO - Projects About Ancient Greece
J 938 IFI - If I Were a Kid in Ancient Greece
J 938 WIL - Empire of Ancient Greece
J 939.18 SCA - The Palace of Minos at Knossos
J 960 ALT - Ancient Africa
J 960 RIC - Life in Ancient Africa
J 970.3 ANAZAZI - Anasazi
J 970.3 PUEBLO - The Anasazi Culture of Mesa Verde
J 970.3 MAYA - Ancient Maya
J 970.3 MAYA - Your Travel Guide to Ancient Maya Civilization
J 972.01 WOO - Ancient Maya and Aztec Civilizations
J 985 CAL - The Ancient Inca
J 985.01 GRU - Ancient Inca: Archeology Unlocks the Secret of the Inca's Past


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Houghton Mifflin History: Ancient Civilizations

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SuffolkWeb: Just Curious

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