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Sports Stories

Third and Fourth Grade Fiction (Jx)
Christopher, Matt Center Court Sting Daren, a basketball player, blames everyone but himself when anything goes wrong.
Christopher, Matt The Hit-Away Kid Barry McGee enjoys winning so much that he bends the rules, but when he sees the pither on the rival team do the same it gives him a new perspective on sports ethics.
Christopher, Matt Secret Weapon Lisa, the soccer team fullback, has trouble with her throw-ins until the coach devises a plan to help her.
Christopher, Matt Spike It! Unhappy with her new stepfamily, Jamie is further upset when her stepsister joins the volleyball team and becomes a star player.
Christopher, Matt Takedown As he prepares for a wrestling match with the neighborhood bully, Sean begins to wonder if his mentor could be his long-lost father.
Christopher, Matt The Winning Stroke When therapy for an injured leg takes him to the pool, twelve-year-old Jerry finds he likes competitive swimming.
Corbett, Scott Hockey Trick When three brothers, all great baseball players, move into the neighborhood, two rival teams play a game of hockey to determine which team will get them.
Mantell, Paul Skateboard Renegade Wanting to fit in with his skateboarding friends, Zach is tempted to adopt a new image of spiked, bleached hair and a pierced ear.
Renick, Marion The Famous Forward Pass Pair Joe and Becky do not like Jan's interference in their imaginary football games, but they find her pointers helpful when they get to play on the Bearcats Team.
Renner, Carol The Skates of Uncle Richard With her uncle's encouragement a nine-year-old takes the first step toward her dream of becoming a figure skater.
Robison, Nancy On the Balance Beam Andrea's dream of becoming an accomplished gymnast is threatened by her own impulsiveness and a jealous member of her gym team.
Tamar, Erika Soccer Mania Nine-year-old Pete and his friends get registered as an official soccer team and discover that there are two sides to being official.
Twohill, Maggie Superbowl Upset Two bickering stepchildren find little time to argue with each other when they join Mom and Dad on a problem-filled trip to the Superbowl.
Fifth and Sixth Grade Fiction (J)
Brooks, Bruce Throwing Smoke When his team continues to lose, Whiz uses an unusual printing press to create star players in hopes of winning a game.
Chapin, Kim The Road to Wembley Marty, a fifth grader, gets to help out his favorite soccer team in England.
Christopher, Matt Skateboard Tough When Brett's skateboarding abilities quickly improve after using the Lizard, a mysterious skateboard, his friends start to think the skateboard is haunted.
Cooper, Ilene Choosing Sides Jonathan doesn't want his father to think he's a quitter, but middle school basketball is turning out to be anything but fun.
Fisher, Lois Sarah Dunes, Weird Person It takes a lot before Sarah, a 13-year-old goalie, discovers that she isn't as weird as she thought.
Halecroft, David Power Play Seventh grader Derrick Larson is good enough to play on the ninth-grade team, but if he does he will leave his friends behind.
Hermann, Spring Flip City

Four girls whose family lives are difficult compete in gymnastics for their gym, Flip City, the place where they feel most at home.

Jackson, Alison Blowing Bubbles With the Enemy When Bobby Lorimer tries out for the boys' basketball team, she causes some tension between the girls and boys at school.
Jackson, Alison Crane's Rebound At summer basketball camp eleven-year-old Les must cope with loneliness, peer pressure, boy-girl problems and a talented but obnoxious roommate.
Korman, Gordon No More Dead Dogs Eighth grade football hero Wallace is sentenced to detention attending rehearsals of the school play where, in spite of himself, he becomes wrapped up in the production.
Sinykin, Sheri Cooper Shrimpboat and Gym Bags

Bo copes with the pressures of moving and keeping up his grades so he can remain on the gymnastics team.

Renick, Marion Sam Discovers Soccer A broken arm means that Sam can't play baseball for the summer, but it doesn't mean that he can't play soccer.
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