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3rd & 4th Grade (JX)
Barrows, Annie Ivy & Bean Ivy & Bean, two girls who don’t like each other, soon become best friends. Series: Ivy & Bean

Blume, Judy

Soupy Saturdays The adventures and squabbles of a younger brother and older sister. Series: Pain and the Great One

Cleary, Beverly

Beezus and Ramona Beezus finds her younger sister, Ramona, to be impossible. Series: Ramona Quimby

Clements, Andrew

Frindle When Nick invents a new word, he causes chaos in the classroom.
Coville, Bruce Amber Brown is Tickled Pink Amber Brown realizes that planning a wedding with her mom comes with lots of headaches.  Series:  Amber Brown
Durand, Hallie Just Desserts Dessert and her friends are exposed to a highly contagious disease - The Annoying Sister Disease.  Series:  Just Desserts
Han, Jenny Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream Clara Lee likes her family, friends, and the idea of winning the Little Miss Apple Pie Contest.
Lowry, Lois Gooney Bird on the Map Gooney Bird and her 2nd grade classmates plan special class activities for the month of February.  Series:  Goone Bird Greene

MacLachlan, Patricia

Journey The photography of Journey’s grandfather teaches him things his naked eye has missed.

McDonald, Megan

Judy Moody Judy is in a bad mood on the first day of school. Series: Judy Moody

Regan, Dian

World According to Kaley Kaley can’t help but turn her history essays into commentaries on her life. Series: Kaley
Soto, Gary The Skirt Miata loses her mother’s skirt right before the dance.
Smith, Anne Warren Bittersweet Summer Katie has an emotional summer in which her father plans to move her to Portland, Oregon.
Viorst, Judith Lulu Walks the Dogs Lulu needs help from a boy named Fleischman if she is to earn money walking her neighbors' dogs.  Series:  Lulu
5th & 6th Grade (J)
Airgood, Ellen Prairie Evers Prairie is happy being home-schooled, so when she transfers to a public school, it means big changes.
Axelrod, Amy Your Friend in Fashion, Abby Shapiro Beginning in 1959, Abby writes a series of letters to her fashion idol Jackie Kennedy.
Blume, Judy Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Peter finds his younger brother to be a big nuisance. Series: Fudge
Bulion, Leslie The Universe of Fair Miller Sanford wants to prove himself mature enough to be on his own.
Cabot, Meg Moving Day Allie’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her family is moving. Series: Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls
Cassidy, Cathy Dizzy Eleven-year-old Dizzy hasn't seen her mother in years, then one day she shows up to celebrate Dizzy's twelfth birthday.
Christopher, Lucy Flyaway While her father is in the hospital, Isla befriends a boy who understands her love for the outdoors.
Clements, Andrew School Story When Natalie writes a book, she schemes to get it published.
Creech, Sharon Heartbeat Annie ponders life when her mother gets pregnant, and her grandfather becomes ill.
Danziger, Paula Cat Ate My Gymsuit Marcy finds courage to fight the firing of her favorite teacher.
DiCamillo, Kate Tiger Rising Rob and Sistine scheme to set a caged tiger free.
Fox, Paula One-Eyed Cat Ned learns his lesson after aiming his air rifle at a stray cat.
Giff, Patricia Pictures of Hollis Woods Hollis is an orphan who longs to be with a loving foster family.
Grimes, Nikki Planet Middle School Joylin's life is going through a transition from tomboy to not quige girly-girl.
Hannigan, Katherine Ida B Homeschooled Ida B tries to adjust to public school.
Hobbs, Valerie Minnie McClary Speaks Her Mind Minnie gets a new language arts teacher who asks hard questions and makes her think.
Horvath, Polly Everything on a Waffle Primrose recounts her life experiences through recipes.
Korman, Gordon No More Dead Dogs Wallace is assigned to the school theater group as a punishment but finds that he likes it.
Lord, Cynthia Rules Catherine finds life with her autistic brother to be frustrating.
Martin, Ann Ten Good and Bad Things About My Life (So Far) Pearl writes about a complicated summer in which her father lost his job, and Pearl's sister was her camp counselor.
McKay, Hilary Saffy’s Angel After she discovers she’s adopted, Saffy’s relationship with her family changes. Series: Casson Family
Myracle, Lauren Eleven Her eleventh year brings many changes for Winnie. Sequels: Twelve, Thirteen
Payne, C.C. Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair Lula Bell tries to fade into the background to avoid a bully at school
Rubb, Rebcca After Eli After the death of his older brother, Daniel becomes engrossed about dead people and how they died, but eventually interacts with the living.
Ryan, Pam Esperanza Rising Esperanza is forced to leave her privileged life in Mexico to work in the labor camps of California.
Spinelli, Jerry Library Card The lives of four children are changed by their encounters with books.
Voigt, Cynthia Homecoming Abandoned by their mother, four children begin a search for a home. Series: Tillerman Family
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