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Once Upon A Time - Princess Stories for Girls

Picture Books (E)

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Allchin, Rosalind
The Frog Princess

Allen, Joy
Princess Party

Auch, Mary Jane
The Princess and the Pizza

Princess Tales

Blackwell, Maggie

Child, Lauren
The Princess and the Pea in Miniature

Coyle, Carmela
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

Coyle, Carmela
Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?

Cuyler, Margery
Princess Bess Gets Dressed

DeFelice, Cynthia
The Real, True Dulcie Campbell

Dodds, Dayle
The Prince Won’t Go to Bed!

Edwards, Pamela
Princess Pigtoria and the Pea

Fleming, Candace
Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Funke, Cornelia
Princess Knight

Goodhart, Pippa
Arthur’s Tractor

Heide, Florence
Princess Hyacinth

Hoffman, Mary
Princess Grace

Howland, Naomi
Princess Says Goodnight

Johnson, Jane
The Princess and the Painter

Katz, Karen
Princess Baby

Katz, Karen
Princess Baby, Night-night

Keller, Emily
Sleeping Bunny

Kleven, Elisa
The Paper Princess

Kleven, Elisa
Paper Princess Finds Her Way

Koller, Jackie
Horace the Horrible

Lewis, J. Patrick
The Night of the Goat Children

Metaxas, Eric
Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin

Milne, A.A.
The Magic Hill

Milord, Susan
Willa the Wonderful

Munsch, Robert
The Paper Bag Princess

Oram, Hiawyn
Princess Chamomile Gets Her Way

Ross, Tony
I Want Two Birthdays!

Ryan, Brittney
Holly Claus

San Souci, Robert
Well at the End of the World

Santore, Charles
The Silk Princess

Shannon, Margaret
The Red Wolf

Spinelli, Eileen
Princess Pig

Wilcox, Leah
Falling for Rapunzel

Wilcox, Leah
Waking Beauty

1st & 2nd Grade (EI)

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Barbie & the Diamond Castle

Barbie & the Magic of Pegasus

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses

Blackaby, Susan
The Princess and the Pea

Blair, Eric
The Frog Prince

Dahl, Michael
Princess and the Tower

Davidson, Susanna
Princess Polly and the Pony

Hooks, William
The Monster From the Sea

Lewison, Wendy
Princess Buttercup

Nash, Margaret
Princess and the Frog

3rd & 4th Grade (JX)

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Crum, Shutta
Thomas and the Dragon Queen

Easton, Patricia
Davey’s Blue-eyed Frog

King-Smith, Dick
Clever Lollipop

McDonald, Megan
The Hinky Pink

Morgenstern, Susie
Princesses are People Too

Quindlen, Anna
Happily Ever After

Thurber, James
Many Moons

5th & 6th Grade (J)

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Baker, E.D.
Tales of the Frog Princess series

Conford, Ellen
A Royal Pain

Coville, Bruce
The Dragonslayers

Juster, Norton
Alberic the Wise and Other Journeys

Lairamore, Dawn
Ivy’s Ever After

Levine, Gail
Princess Tales series

Morris, Gerald
Squire’s Tales series

Wrede, Patricia
Enchanted Forest Chronicles series

Yep, Laurence
Lady of Ch’iao Kuo

Traditional Fairy Tales (JNF)

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398.2 TRE
The Little Mermaid

398.2 BEA
Beauty & the Beast & Other Stories

398.2 CIN
Cinderella & Other Stories

398.2 CRA
Sleeping Beauty

398.2 MAT
The Barefoot Book of Princesses

398.2 SNO
Snow White & Other Stories

398.2 TYM
Princess Stories

Real Life Princesses (JNF)

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305.5222 BIL
Growing up Royal

932 MOR
How to be an Egyptian Princess

960.09 HAN
African Princess

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